Fraternite Notre Dame Settlement Lacks Transparency

Added to the McHenry County Board’s Regular Meeting scheduled one day before the Primary Election, Monday at 10am, is a “Resolution authorizing the settlement of Fraternite Notre
Dame v. County of McHenry 15 CV 50312.”

You may remember that County Board members overwhelmingly rejected a pretty large expansion of the facilities on the rural Coral Township property in 2015. You can find the meeting minutes here.

Results of the 09/15/15 conditional use permit vote.

You can read previous blog posts on the issue at Nuns Lose County Board Zoning Fight 20-3 and Nuns Cite Prior Zonings.

Sisters attended County Board meetings.  One even brought a video rec

Nuns from the Fraternite of Notre Dame gathered outside the County Administrative Building after the September 1, 2015 meeting.


Neighbors to the property also attended in abundance.

As I was sitting in the press box, I was thinking of the Federal law called the Religious Land Use Protection Act passed in 2000, that allowed religious organizations broad latitude concurring where they carry out their missions.

While a short resolution is in the agenda package, no where are County Board members or the public informed of the contents of he “amicable resolution” or the “certain understandings” reached which this resolution authorizes to be set down in a “settlement agreement” by the State’s Attorney.

A model of transparency this resolution is not.


Fraternite Notre Dame Settlement Lacks Transparency — 3 Comments

  1. “A model of transparency this resolution is not.” Who needs Yoda when we have the knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration of our sunshine blogger. Also, I find it an act of provocation and temerity that one of the nuns could dare to bring a video recorder to a county board meeting. Who do they think they are? Journalists? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. They did put a “curse” on the county board previously,
    that many people are aware of.
    Are they truly religious, or some kind of witches?

  3. To Angel R Llavona and Truth Observer:

    As it happens they have their own TV network, so yes they are journalist.

    Asking for the Blessing of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to guide the meetings is not witchcraft, therefore, no they are not witches.

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