Greenwood Township Trustee Kelly Liebmann Offers Election Recommendations

Here is a letter Greenwood Township Trustee Kelly Liebmann sent a letter to her neighbors in Greenwood Township Precinct 3.  You can read it below:

Kelly Liebmann

9205 Oriole Trl
Wonder Lake, IL 60097

There’s absolutely no doubt that members of both the Republican and Democratic Parties have become more contentious since Donald Trump was elected in 2016.

Kelley Liebmann

Some voters have gone either to the far right because they believe compromise between the two political parties only fosters larger government.

Others have joined the far left’s communist agenda pushing for more progressive programs and bigger government than even moderate Democrats are accustomed.

There are many uncontested races on the ballot, but that should not deter you from voting in the primary election on March 20th.

Because moderate Democrats continue to run under the Republican banner in McHenry County, you must be vigilant to educate yourself about the candidates.

Do not believe the anonymous negative mailers that appear in your mailbox; the Chicago political machine is hard at work trying to gain a larger majority in McHenry County Government.

You have very important choices to make that should drive you to the polls.

Jeanne Ives should be the choice for governor for any conservative in Illinois. Ives is an outspoken conservative Republican and has challenged a millionaire with her bold campaign which has been gaining traction. Unlike our current governor, Jeanne Ives understands how to work with Republicans in the legislature and will utilize that knowledge to block any Democratic Party tax hikes. At this point I do not believe either Republican will win in the general election in November, but for the primary I choose Ives.

Another important race is for the Illinois Attorney General seat that is being vacated by the incumbent after sixteen years. My choice for AG in the primary is Gary Grasso. Grasso is a lawyer with previous experience in government and administration. He wants to go after the broken property tax system in Illinois and attack government corruption. His opponent is a lawyer that appears to have climbed her way to running for AG by being entrenched in the political system and is a Rauner favorite.

Although running unopposed in the primary election, please remember Craig Wilcox for State Senator. Wilcox and I have worked together on issues pertaining to the county board and I know he asks questions, is very articulate. I look forward to seeing what he can do for residents once elected to the Illinois Senate.

Joe Tirio is continuing his case to erase the recorder’s office with his run for county clerk. He has put on the ballot a referendum to merge the recorder and clerk’s offices. You should vote yes to merge the offices, and Joe Tirio has a plan make it happen. Joe Tirio for County Clerk is the obvious choice.

For County Board District 6, I ask you vote for only Ersel Schuster. Schuster has continued to educate herself on board matters and will be one to take a stand against corruption and waste. It is Schuster’s stance against unscrupulous behaviors at the county that makes her the target of negative campaigns.

For 22nd Circuit Court Judge I am voting Ray Flavin. I know Flavin is not the favorite of some McHenry County Conservatives, but Flavin is the only candidate who is not a long term government employee. Flavin cares about the process of the legal system for which he has been dedicated, and has run a successful McHenry County law practice for twenty-five years. He has even sued the county for excessive court costs in federal and state court. I choose Flavin for his independence and experience.

A Wonder Lake resident since 2004, I have been very active in politics and government since 2012. Motivated by the death of two friends, in 2017.

I successfully petitioned the county board to change the light at the dangerous Charles J Miller and River Road intersection in McHenry in order to stop more tragic deaths from happening.

I also unsuccessfully fought Chairman Jack Franks’ two patronage hires which will cost taxpayers more than $200,000 annually.

A majority of county board members would rather work against county policies and protocols than make a tough political decision. But I continue on.

I have enclosed a sample ballot marked with those candidates who I know will do the best and work the hardest at their duties. The time is now to become an informed voter. Please feel free to contact me at 815-728-0733 if you have any questions or concerns regarding the election. I hope you stand up and vote on March 20th.

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