Nick Provenzano, the District Director of Congressman Randy Hultgen, is Subject of October 21, 2017 McHenry Police Report

Criminal Sexual Assault, Suspeicous Vehicle and Juvenile Incident

Nick Provenzano

The report is marked, “Case Closed.”
There are eight pages in the report,.
One says that the McHenry Police declined to prosecute a charge of “public indecency.”
That was after the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office declined to pursue felony charges.
The case started with a townhouse resident calling the McHenry Police at 10:30 about “a dark colored SUV” being parked “at the dead end” of an uncompleted development.
The responding officer saw the vehicle lights were out.
He shined his spotlight on the black Toyota “and observed two subjects inside the vehicle.”
“The driver was not wearing a shirt, but had pants on.”
“The passenger was fully clothed.”
The  driver was identified as Dominc Provenzano; the passenger’s name is redacted.
Provenzano is a former Republican McHenry County Board member.
Provenzano told the policeman that he was not wearing his shirt because he was hot, that the two were just “hanging out,” elaborating that they “were talking about life.”
Although most of the information about the questioning of the passenger is blacked out, the young man “admitted the encounter was sexual in nature.”
Provenzano was invited to come to the Police make a statement, but declined.
Speaking to one of the officers, the report says Provenzano “stated that he did not want to admit to anything, but stated the contact between him and [name redacted] was consensual in nature.  That nobody forced or coerced each other to engage in any acts they did not eat to do, and h believed [name redacted] was eighteen(18) years old.”
The officer wrote that he “informed Dominic of my suspicions that due to the circumstances of the location of the vehicle, it was typical these encounters are sexual in nature.”
Congressman Hultgren and Provenzano parted ways on Monday.

More details and a copy of the police report can be found at: Hultgren fires aide after sexual encounter with teenage boy.




Nick Provenzano, the District Director of Congressman Randy Hultgen, is Subject of October 21, 2017 McHenry Police Report — 67 Comments

  1. In recent years, Provenzano has served as a director of the McHenry County Catholic Prayer Breakfast. The event has drawn almost 600 residents to participate in a Saturday Mass and then enjoy breakfast with clergy members invited from all over the world.
    Last paragraph from the NWH.

  2. Cal is conveniently omitting that Provenzano met the 17 year old on the gay hookup iPhone app, Grindr.

    If this is the first you are hearing of this, Grindr doesn’t leave much to the imagination on its purpose.

    One wonders where Provenzano found out about Grindr.

  3. My big question is did Hultgren know he was gay but voted for all those anti-gay bills anyway? Or did he find out he was gay and fire hin?

  4. The app grindr, the police report said, rounds up to the next highest age.

    Apparently it said the young man wss 18.

    Hard to hang a “knowingly” on Provenzano with that known, I imagine.

  5. 17 yrs is ‘of age’ in IL, albeit still unseemly, but not a crime. It was consensual so how could this be considered ‘criminal sexual assault?’ Regardless, this is more than disappointing.

    Thank you, for posting and not being biased. This needed to come to light.

    We’ll pray for Nick and his family.

  6. The age of consent in Illinois is 17, unless you hold a position of authority over the person.

    It doesn’t make it any less disgusting.

  7. Happened last October. His date was 17 ( of age in IL) but Nic is married with children older than the kid he was with. Isn’t the only thing he could be charged with be public indecency? Two 17 yr olds could’ve been changed with the same thing.

  8. When did Hultgren learn about this? It happened 6 months ago. This is a 56 year old politician with a 17 year old child, regardless of age of consent.

  9. My mistake regards to the age but you would have to assume his political career is over.

  10. to RUssellville….The kid is as old as his youngest son. What is a married 56 year old with kids and wife doing with a 17 year old boy. Okay the article says the boy was listed as 18 in Grindr still even if he was 18!!!

  11. JoeK: No. Hultgren did NOT know. When or as soon as, he had found out? He was let go. The Nob:The man, is sick…and as.far as I am (many people) considered? Predator status. “The Church” had nothing, to do with it. Your own vice with the religious beliefs should NOT project your own feelings or ideology towards Christ Jesus. Just because you have your own clear issues…Nobby.

  12. Have to wonder if the reactions would be different if he had been caught in the same situation only with an of-age-Female who claimed to be even older by a year?

    I know a couple politicos (two female) that either cheated on their spouse or had an agreement with spouse for open relationships. (I won’t be voting for either of them, but wouldn’t feel the need to have them charged with a crime either)
    This is a moral issue FOR ME due to the fact that they and Nic are married…

    But can someone tell me, for Nic’s situation, other than a possible public indecency infraction or parking on a street at night, what actual crime was committed?

    I’m not condoning this or even declaring that if he hadn’t been caught that this wouldn’t have led to more problematic behavior from Nic in the future But, we don’t live in a pre-crime justice system…yet!

    So again, what is the crime? Or is this 5 month old news finally coming forth now for partisan Political reasons? Help me to understand. My questions are genuine and no sarcasm is intended. Thank you.

  13. You’re right, Warren, he’d be hailed as a God if he were Democrat with a line of millennial ready and waiting to volunteer for him!

  14. Although I am not a fan of Mr. Provenzano’s politics, it is unfortunate Nick had to delve into reckless behavior trying to hide his true self from his family?, political “friends” and allies.

    Meeting up with someone on Grindr could have resulted in great injury or even death.

    Nick is now free to pursue policy that is more aligned with his values.

  15. Just another closeted self-hating Republican exposing himself for what he truly is.

  16. Did u ever see what nick is married to? No wonder why. Feel bad for his kids.

  17. **Did u ever see what nick is married to? No wonder why.**

    You are sick.

  18. Yeah a lot of ugly stuff here. And of course a Republican is compromised and some has to say that only Democrats behave like that.

  19. Nick is clearly a flawed human and as a 17 year old child was involved I don’t feel sorry for him. But to drag his wife and or his kids into this is sad. Let them go with god and rebuild their lives. If we are to learn something from this ugly chapter it’s this. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  20. The overwhelming majority of political pervs/molesters are DEMOCRATS,
    but unlike the R’s who will quickly seek to banish them the
    DEMOCRAT’s will rally ’round to protect them just like they did for Slick Willey.

  21. People near this family know how messed up they are, not just the Dad. Hope no one voted for him today.

  22. This is one of the comments in the NWH:

    I am sure that there will be a job awaiting for him at Algonquin Township:
    A) Teen Outreach Affairs
    B) Patronage Resources
    C) Road District Puppet Master

  23. Interesting to see how open-minded some of the critics are. Is there a law that says a Re[ublican cant be gay? According to the NWH they were just sitting in the car, it is impressive how much some of you are able to read into that. How does one make such deductions? Where does one draw from?

  24. If it was somebody’s 17 year old daughter, I’m sure the outrage would be pretty intense.

  25. There seems to be a historical precedent that if you are a Republican elected official in McHenry County and you are accused of a sexual offense, then Republican prosecutors simply ignore the crime given your party affiliation. Irrespective if it is 1980’s or the 2010’s…..

  26. Provenzano has been a liar and a sleeze for years. Other than Irene Napier, if you can find anyone who trusts him on any issue I would like to know it. He disappeared from the Salvi Rep campaign near the end, with rumors of similar transgressions.

    His family was run out of Maine Township years ago. He is not only a homosexual pervert (Grindr), he has no known employable skills.

    I will make sure this follows him wherever he goes.

  27. That makes two Dominics that I know of that are pedophiles. Only one is in jail.

  28. I composed a poem:

    A pervert wearing red Republican colors, should give one shudders. Who else knows what else lies behind the scenes. Naturally this is an observation, an opinion, and a scene.

  29. I have personally known Provenzano since the 1990s when he began his political career in Nunda Township. He always came off as a sneaky and sleezy politician. My family ultimately chose to part ways with him by the early 2000s. I remember coming back into town just before the recent presidential election and seeing him at the Republican Headquarters for a meeting in Crystal Lake, never to speak a word to him. I warned everyone I could privately that he was a dishonest person. It doesn’t surprise me that he would engage in an extra-marital affair with a teen boy. He is the consumate sleezy Chicago politician. It is my hope the Republican Party bars him from participating in future public events and campaigns.

    My family has other remarks on this subject as well. A former public official will not stifle commentary on his alleged misdeeds.

  30. It’s plausible that Hultgren wasn’t told about it until the details of the situation came to light. Keep in mind Provenzano has no real professional accolades to begin with. Second, I don’t believe he is even college educated. Basically, Provenzano relied on his jobs in politics because he was unemployable elsewhere that paid those types of salaries and benefits. He basically is a dishonest man and has been so for decades, and this was the only decent job he could get. This is just one scandal in a long pattern of shady and slimy political intraparty scandals of his origination. It would stand to reason to me that he simply hid those details from his boss. That is just the kind of person he is. Just an opinion.

  31. CP: It’s someone’s 17/18 year old son! Yeah, much worse if it is someone’s daughter? How so? Are you out of your mind? The power of adulthood and the power of political, overseeing. Should indicate, a serious wrong. Regardless of gender.

  32. Keep in mind, supporting Nicki Provenzano means that young boys in cul-du-sacs are vulnerable to Grindr requests from this pervert. This is what you support when you attack me or any other victim.

  33. He was targeting kids that were less than Provenzano’s own kids. In my opinion, he is a sexual predator.

  34. By less, I mean in terms of age. It’s time to look at that as well.

  35. It shouldn’t matter the gender of the 17/18-year old. You people have some serious homophobic problems. The only issue here should be the fact that he was cheating on his wife/family, and even that wasn’t substantiated based on the information we were given. And if 17/18 is technically legal in Illinois, what crime has been committed? Just because someone has different preferences doesn’t mean we all have to jump in and judge him/her, especially when we don’t know the whole situation.

  36. From what I’ve read on this blog over the past few years, I’m relieved to know we have differing opinions on homosexuality and quick judgement of others.

  37. Hey Winston-84, this was a confused young boy still in High School. By your own logic you are condoning pedophilia. You are no better than Nicki.

  38. Who wants to take a bet that Provenzano is using the handle “Winston-84?” Your actions were indefensible Nick.

  39. that’s one whacked family.. can’t wait to see what his wife will do to get her name in the paper.

  40. Good ol’ “family” supporters to be seen here. You can call people “sick” and bring imaginary beings into this all you want, but a teenager wouldn’t have to be downloading an app on their phone to explore their newfound emotions, if people like YOU didn’t exist to call them sick or wrong. If people actually supported “family values”, then they wouldn’t be afraid to choose a healthy relationship with someone their own age without worrying of ridicule or exclusion due to a standard perpetuated by those who claim to promote “love”. Want to actually change something? Learn how to not be a hypocrite.

  41. John on:

    The issue is a sleazy politician, from a sleazy family (wife included, as she has said, she is his “…enabler…”, who paraded his credentials as a good Roman Catholic family man into a series of government paychecks after he was dumped by private industry, was actually a homosexual who preyed on kids younger than his own teen aged kids.

  42. Dont care about the teenager or what led them to choose that situation in the first place? Grindr is a consensual app and the teenager chose it to engage in their natural attraction rather than someone in their school or community like most their age, but just ignore that because “it’s not your problem” right? Yeah…you’re very intelligent.

  43. Quoting the failure of an administration of under-funded failing education system from a prejudiced website. Nice, really addressing the issue.

  44. And that is precisely why I have to point out that you are indeed an idiot!

  45. Telling people to stop promoting homophobia and respect their families and others is totally the cause of 4 disturbed children being allowed to do as they wished by their blind parents and ab apathetic underpaid school administration. Nice deflection, you should play tennis.

  46. The NWH is really piling on Nick and kicking when he is already down by turning this into a 3 day story and continuing to feature it on their online edition.

    Even though he has been the penultimate hypocrite on this in the past I feel really sorry for him now.

    He needs to recognize himself for what he is and come to terms with it.

    There is nothing wrong with being gay.

    Many men and women have been in this situation.

    I hope he doesn’t do anything rash.

    He deserves your support in this difficult time.

  47. Provenzano ….. heh, heh.

    But what about the law enforcement personnel and other politicos and a judge found on Nicky’s phone and app system of contacts …. why was this October surprise hidden until election Day?

  48. Justin:

    I had always thought that Nick was just basically a jerk.

    However, I now think I understand what was going on. He had to have a lot of inner turmoil and was lashing out and engaging in denial behaviors. When you are insecure about something, you may try to cope by busying yourself attacking others and expressing intolerance.

    He was vocally critical for example of Cathy Schultz handing out same sex marriage licenses after the Supreme Court said it had to be done. All the while he was gay himself.

    Maybe there is a future for him with the Log Cabin Republicans, or even the Libertarians, who, unlike you Mr. Fun, don’t usually have a problem with sexual identity.

  49. “However, I now think I understand what was going on. He had to have a lot of inner turmoil and was lashing out and engaging in denial behaviors. When you are insecure about something, you may try to cope by busying yourself attacking others and expressing intolerance”. Sunshine blogger, since when you authorized the release of the compassionate conservative profile in our republikklan attack playbook? Answer to me please. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeoooowwwww…

  50. **He was vocally critical for example of Cathy Schultz handing out same sex marriage licenses after the Supreme Court said it had to be done. All the while he was gay himself.**

    I can’t find anything on the internet about this… do you have any sources?

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