Volunteers Sought for Annual Midwest Crane Count in McHenry & Lake Counties

From DNR Education Coordinator Stacy L. Iwanicki:

Training Workshop at Volo Bog State Natural Area – Sunday, March 25  1:00 – 2:00 pm

Crane Count – Saturday, April 14  5:30 – 7:30 am

Early birds… imagine sitting in the cold predawn hours, awaiting the awakening of cranes.

First sounds might be the call of a cardinal or robin as the sky begins to lighten.

Then the trumpet of a crane just beyond view.  Then another.

A crane and its reflection in the shallows of a wetland in Wedgewood Subdivision in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

Volunteers are scattered about McHenry and Lake Counties, joining volunteers in six mid-western states to take what in essence is a point-count survey of the cranes where they slept.

Data including details of the cranes’ behaviors is entered on-line into a database that is accessed by scientists of the International Crane Foundation and beyond

New crane counters must attend the training workshop open to adults and interested youth ages 15 & older.

To register, email dnr.volobog@illinois.gov or phone 815-344-1294 and share name(s), phone number and ages of minors.

Volo Bog State Natural Area is an Illinois Department of Natural Resources site located at
28478 W. Brandenburg Road
Ingleside, IL 60041


Volunteers Sought for Annual Midwest Crane Count in McHenry & Lake Counties — 4 Comments

  1. Try counting Tower Cranes, which mark major construction projects in an area.

    That’s the species people should be concerned with. I sighted 2 in River North last summer, making them pretty much extinct in Illinois.

  2. Not sure you will find enough older people to do this.
    I have my doubts the younger ones can count past ten.

  3. Most have abandoned the state because of the weather and high taxes.
    Those who remain will be voting for Ives.

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