Ray Flavin Mail Piece — 11 Comments

  1. Both gentlemen deserve our thanks and vote.
    Unlike most of the other candidates, Ray has no one to pay back.

  2. Sorry We don’t hire or vote for, people just based on whether they enlisted or not. Qualifications, character, accomplishment and work ethic etc all matter.

  3. Joel Berg in the Army?

    Really? Did he serve with Willibrandt in the ghost division?

  4. Flavin ain’t worth savin’ but he gets to brown nose Berg Boy!

  5. Ray is OK. But will he stay a Republican?

    I really wonder why he got in the race, and didn’t wait to run as an Indy. If Witch McC wins, and Ray could get the Demo nomination, or at least keep a Democrat out of the race so he could run independent, he’d have a good shot.

    As it is he’s nothing but a spoiler.

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