Some Sample Ballots Still Not Available on Clerk’s Website

In January McHenry County Blog reported Sample Ballots for March Primary Not Available on McHenry County Clerk’s Website.

One day before the primary election, “Joyce” commented on the January 30th article:

“Why no sample of the ballot? Hate walking in there and not knowing who I am voting for or against. Or is this another year where there are only republicans on the ballot. And Judges? How do you know who to vote for there.”

Mary McClellan

And today, the comment was made by another resident:

“Sample ballot not available on voting day!”

Perhaps one or both of the commenters could state below which precinct’s sample ballots are missing from the Clerk’s website.


Some Sample Ballots Still Not Available on Clerk’s Website — 9 Comments

  1. No sample ballots in McHenry Precinct 21 at 9 am this morning, Absolute chaos!

  2. Hey Pacco, as ‘head of technology’, do your friggin’ job and get off the blog . Quit trying to run interference between disenfranchised voters and your stupid Wife/Boss.

  3. I haven’t been able to get my sample ballet. Have tried numerous times in the last few weeks and again today several times. Nothing. With the way she runs this office I am very happy to say I did not vote for her today.

  4. Mary decides who’s on the ballot and who wins.

    Get used to it!

    She went to a bottom tier law school with a low marks. But she thinks she’s the cats meow!

  5. Today is a good day as I voted against the McClellan crime family.

  6. If she decides who wins, she’s gonna be wearing an orange jumpsuit!

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