Wilbrandt Wins

Robert Wilbrandt

Robert Wilbrandt is victorious over three opponents for a six-year countywide seat on the McHenry County Bench.

With 97% of the vote counted and reported at 11 PM the appointed judge has 36.9% of the vote.

Running second 1,512 votes behind is Demeti Tsilimigras with 30.4% of the voted.

The favorite going into the election because she was the only woman running against thee men was McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan.  She trails at 25.2%.

The third man, Ray Flavin , is running last at 7.5%.


Wilbrandt Wins — 23 Comments

  1. Ding-dong, the witch is dead! Which old witch? The wicked witch

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  2. McClellan, this is what happens if you think you are above the law, refuse to follow the rules, hire meathead and take our tax dollars, and that your crap doesn’t stink.

    It seems that your crap does stink, and McHenry County is tired of smelling it, and now we are free from your shenanigans.

    You and meathead can go where the sun don’t shine.

  3. It is surprising that Demetri’s strategy of spending all day spamming the comment section here in lieu of knocking on doors didn’t work.

  4. Congratulations Judge Wilbrandt. I’m happy to see you’ll remain on the bench.

  5. McClellan was never the favorite in this race. The people in this county are smarter than that. Making bad judgement calls as clerk made her a bad candidate for judge!

  6. Strike two for Demeti!
    Loud and open support from the far right hurt more than helped.
    Almost 70% of the vote went against the whacko right candidate, numbers talk quite loudly.

  7. Nob: change your name back to ‘the cob’ and remove yourself from your rectum, please!

  8. Ricky it’s your team/type that took it in the rectum, the numbers don’t lie friend.
    Call Uhaul if you can’t handle facts.

  9. Poor Mary , what is she going to do now, since she won’t have a job after December?????? Well all she did for all th time she been at the Count Clerk Office was to fire employees, nothing else besides spending the county’s money on unnecessary things. McHenry people lets take our County back.

  10. Not a fan of Mary McClella, but your characterization of her being a favorite because she was the woman is ridiculous

  11. Nob: You’re atheist, your beliefs are pathetically moronic and self-serving and inadequate to your neighbors. And quite frankly? If you were in anyway shape or form, physically able to? I’d ask you in the boxing ring. I’d love to knock you out. But I know you’re not in any shape to do so, for the pastime 20 years I read, your disgusting humanist idealog and hot air of blather. You’d be too handicapped, for me. So, I choose to mentally beat you down. You think you have the licence to insult? Then the privilege to be appalled? It doesn’t work that way. Your math alone is insulting the intellect of the reader. Demetri lost by, 6.56 %. If Flavin or McClellan didn’t run? I predict? He would have won. Truly, the man is a good enough man. Who had no negative campaigning , and no testimony written about him. He was above reproach. Actually, anyone who did not vote for him? Hurt themselves. Giving away his pioneering effort for no Judges pension alone? Shows his moral integrity and care about the none criminals. Something you wish you even had, I don’t think that. I know it, about you.

  12. Congratulations Judge Wilbrandt, well deserved.Thanks for saving our county. Couldn’t imagine our county having a lawless judge as Mary McClellan. We are FREEEE .

  13. Non-criminals…Cal, please fix this thing. So that people can go back, after they post. Thanks.

  14. Turning down a pension when you’re already getting a pension from a different position isn’t “pioneering”. It doesn’t prove a “higher moral integrity”. FYI, trolling those you consider blog trolls doen’t make you any better.

  15. ” If Flavin or McClellan didn’t run? I predict? He would have won.”
    Flavin and McClellan voters are moderates or Rino’s, at best it would of been a 60/40 split in favor of Wilbrandt.
    The fact is candidates with far right support did poorly this election.
    The threat and intimidation attempt may have to be looked into.
    It’s a shame some people are such poor losers.

  16. Demeti is a nice guy, it’s a shame people like SGT ruined it for him twice already.

  17. It’s a shame ‘The Nob’ is a government ’employee’ yet spends worktime blogging leftist filth here!

  18. Retired, and it isn’t leftist, it’s realistic which is in short supply on this blog.

  19. Like I stated, “Nob” you have been a leftist/atheist from the beginning. And now retired? Then move. People know who I am. You know me, too and my friends know whow you are. Yet, you’ve known me by this call name, greenarrow1776 for 15 years. Your reality-based no GOD belief? Is not reality. You’ll find out soon enough. Just like, all your atheist friends.

  20. Sarge, wow I should of known, my bad.
    Problem with your talking points are I’m a firm believer in fiscally responsible gov that doesn’t borrow to pay the bills.
    A advocate for a Balanced Budget Amendment and allowing us to vote on tax changes.
    Those are not lib talking points my friend.
    Man I use to argue with Alan P. AlanX, Myth and some other libs on your behalf in the NWH comment section, and this is the thanks I get?
    Wow, Lip’s the Sarge alive!

  21. Dmitri was the only candidate with the judicial temperament to be a good judge. It’s a shame that he didn’t make it.

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