Ives Carries McHenry County

Jeanne Ives

Challenger Jeanne Ives beat Governor Bruce Rauner in McHenry Count.

The vote was 51% to 49%.

Statewide, Rauner won 51.5% to 48.5%.

Rauner gave money to the State Republican Party to pass out to county GOP organizations.

McHenry was one of the few that received nothing.

That my be because application was made for the money.


Ives Carries McHenry County — 33 Comments

  1. Sunshine blogger: This is the right moment for McHenry county to secede from the state. Let’s join Edgar county to make the Confederate counties of Illinois. Our governor, of course, will be Jeanne Ives; and you, our official blogger and dog catcher. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeoooowwwww…

  2. My God, how stupid are you people in Illinois? Half voted for Rauner? Idiots!

  3. Jeanne Ives was the reformer we needed in Illinois. Too bad she lost to a guy who outspent her by a huge margin with his ad campaign.

    Turns out we voters get to choose between the lesser of two evils next November in the governor race. Given the horrible record amassed over decades by Democrats such as Madigan in Springfield over decades, the choice ought to be simple for all sane and clear thinking voters. Vote for anybody except a Democrat in the governor race and every other contest.

    Pinch your nose and vote for Rauner.

  4. Everybody thought Raunner was the man 4 years ago. Why not now hahajahaj

  5. Well, No No, Rauner was (and is) a left wing Democrat masquerading as a Republican 4 years ago. He was unmasked last year regarding his pro-death position to kill infants in the womb and making Illinois a sanctuary state to illegal aliens. But, Pritzker would be far far worse for Illinois what with has extreme far left wing views. So sad we in Illinois, the worst State in the U.S., have only these two guys to pick from.

  6. I don’t think he was unmasked as much as he was extorted. Watch what happens to governors in the near future.

  7. The perspectives of the commentators of this blog are so skewed its hilarious. Pritzker is not “extreme far left” he is slightly left of center. Rauner js not a “left wing Democrat” he is slightly right of center. Ives is pretty far right and Biss would have been pretty far left. The world viee of some of your people is unbelievable. Please keep leaving… There’s prople just like you in Oklahoma or Kansas.

  8. Bruthey is responsible for causing all Illinois tax payers to contribute to the violent murders of countless(unfortunately)conceived human lives with souls.
    I expect nothing less from most of Illinois than to vote for a dim or a pro-death monster from the other party.
    Given the chance to choose right from wrong, and actually given a worthy choice for goodness, many times again Illinois voters prove that their doom is well-deserved

  9. Prarie Burner, you left out Dallas. I left Illinois before it became ‘cool’ to do so.

  10. Well put Prarie Burner, nice to see someone on this blog do some homework on the candidates.

  11. JB Pritzker is “slightly left of center”. Slightly? Seriously? Obviously someone here is not informed about JB.

  12. Our political science professor will “pinch his nose and vote for Rauner, a left wing Democrat.” Sunshine blogger, this is where recorded laughter comes handy. stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  13. bred? prarie burner is just another progressive nitwit. Pay them no mind.

  14. “prarie burner”
    >Is a Democrat
    >Doesn’t know how to spell. (That’s “prairie.”)
    >Doesn’t realize Illinois is called the Prairie State. How disrespectful.
    >Doesn’t realize prairies are what most of Illinois is in its natural state. You know, environmentalism…

    No wonder this state is where it is. We have too many stupid people voting.
    Just change your name to flag burner, pinko.

  15. We have two bad choices for governor this coming November. A left wing Democrat masquerading as a Republican given his polices on illegal aliens and on his pro-death policy to have taxpayers pay for the killing of unborn infants in the womb. The other guy with an actual Democrat label has these same positions BUT also has most all the views from the far left so-called “progressives. Pinch your nose and vote for Rauner because JB would be a far worse choice.

  16. On and on, but no dick?
    Bad Bruthe and naughty JB.
    Speaker, bad..but then there’s dicky.
    Would somebody please explain his stance against The Church?
    He has the pulpit and a great chance to be a part of saving the most lives in the history of the world, proclaims to be Catholic, and is the staunchest pro-choice male in modern communications history!
    Naturally, he’s a permanent fixture in the U.S. Senate, compliments of the voters from the f set-up state of Illinois.
    God rest your soul, Honorable Henry Hyde!

  17. Oh no, not typos on the internet!! Happens while tapping on a small keyboard one handed while eating lunch.

    I know plenty about prairies since I help manage them, including doing prescribed burns (hence the prairie burner moniker) a necessary part of the ecosystem. Thanks for the attempted lesson.

    And yes, I AM a far left progressive, JB is not.

    I am well educated and a well educated voter, as are many of my cohorts, and we will continue to block the agenda of the far right.

  18. Jumbo Boy will reveal his Socialist “lite” agenda AFTER he is elected,
    just as Rauner did.

    One short fat super rich the other tall skinny very rich, both cut from the same cloth.
    Which one will you choose ?

    Watch for the home for sale signs to begin popping up like weeds in the summer.

  19. The only person you can blame for misspellings,and typos here is Cal and his non-editable commenting system!
    So you have to judge by content, not just typos.
    And agree or not, Prarie made his case. Too many here just say “He’s a libtard” or the equivalent and move on.

  20. GOP is cry cry crying today. You sold your souls. The GOP I once supported is gone. Its now Trump/Moore/Ives-loving, hate-filled trolls.

  21. I hear you, Prairie Burner. As an eco-conscious republican, it’s hard to agree with or tolerate some of the close-minded and harmful views expressed by my party’s representatives and supporters. I hope some day soon people will wake up and realize this cannot be a partisan issue anymore.

    As for spelling/grammar issues, I realize no one’s perfect and typing on mobile devices is often difficult, but does no one proofread their post before posting?

  22. Thete were several people and some great Republican candidates in McHenry County who worked hard for Jeanne Ives but it was not the Mchenry county GOP and committeeman as a whole.

  23. There were several people and some great Republican candidates in McHenry County who worked hard for Jeanne Ives but it was not the Mchenry county GOP and committeeman as a whole.

  24. Who wouldn’t want a Republican like Bruce Rauner who defies Supremacy Clause of US Constitution with his approval of Sanctuary State status for Illinois; use of taxpayer funds to assist in killing of babies; failure or tacit support of 6 Republicans voting for 34 percent tax increase and in 4 years failure to offer a plan to bend the cost curve for state government and entitlement reform and shuns POTUS but endorses Rham Emmanuel. Policies of Rauner these past four years suggest he is more to the left of any governor Illinois has ever had. So my question is what in the hell is wrong with all these Republican residents who voted for this imposter.? He could not have purchased all these votes could he?

  25. David, Jeanne Ives Carried McHenry County. It was Lake that carried Bruce.

  26. Anotherwatcher, it is popular vote that wins state election not county electoral college. All of these counties were close between the conservative Ives and the liberal Rauner which means low information Republican voters are everywhere. This was a no brainer as Rauner would be better served running as a Democrat, and a liberal one at that.

  27. National Review magazine named Rauner as the worst Republican Governor in the U.S. Given Rauner’s betrayal of Republicans regarding sanctuary state and paid abortions anytime and his disgusting and slimy campaign against Ives, he should up his dirty tactics and hire the best and dirtiest PR and campaign people from the Democrats to help him beat Pritzker. James Carville, Lanny Davis and their people.

    We have two bad choices for governor in Illinois. Rauner is the lesser of the evils of these two choices.

  28. “…his disgusting and slimy campaign against Ives…” Our cyber political science and sociology professor, and cyber grammar patrol person now expresses being disgusted by Rauner’s campaign. This is the same person who was very pleased with the abhorrent and repugnant campaign ad demonizing undocumented immigrants, labor unions, and the LGBTQ community released by the Ives’ campaign, the candidate he/she compared to no other than Ronald Reagan and Jack Kennedy. We know these sick minded compassionate conservative, sunshine, wannabe political analysts all too well. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  29. Angel, Try and get some sleep, too, and quit pouring over this blog in the wee hours spitting tabasco at all and sundry!

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