Tirio Withstands Jack Franks’ Allies’ Lies To Win GOP Nomination for County Clerk

Joe Tirio

Joe Tirio photoshopped.

McHenry County Recorder Joe  Tirio won the right to advance to the fall election by beating Janice Dalton 56% to 46%.

He will face off against former Hebron Village Trustee Andrew Georgi.

Looking at the total Republican and Democratic Party votes for the office, the total for the GOP candidates was 23.684 to 17,438 for the Democratic candidate.


Tirio Withstands Jack Franks’ Allies’ Lies To Win GOP Nomination for County Clerk — 12 Comments

  1. He will do the same great job as clerk as he’s done as recorder (including getting rid of the office and saving the taxpayers money).

    This is the man we need to replace ‘Lying Jack Franks’ in two years.

    McHenry County has a future with Joe Tirio!

  2. Well, well, it looks like McClellan’s husband will have to go back driving truck. He can hire his wife as his side kick now that she is out. They can call their new trucking company “Two Men and a Truck”.

  3. Glad McClellan is gone, this 4 year experiment gone bad. Go JOE go !!!

  4. This was just the primary, winning the Rep primary doesn’t mean a automatic win in the General election anymore.
    The appearance of being far right has been proven not to be the best political course to take.

  5. Just because McClellan is gone doesn’t mean her husband will be gone, it just means he will have to show up for work and earn his paycheck

  6. Thousands voting for gadfly Dalton, tells you all you need to know about McHenry County.

  7. Can’t believe I’m agreeing with nob but now that the right wing Shuster and Brettman are off his back, maybe Joe will be see in a less extreme light.

  8. I can’t believe so many fell for the Democrats hit pieces! None of which were true. And his ridiculous Rep. opponent mirroring the same lies. Tirio’s campaign was positive, truthful and based on merit.

  9. Tirio could not run for Chairman in 2 years if he wins the Clerk, It would be a conflict of interest. He would have to step down. Right now I feel he is needed at the helm of that office to get it back on track and running the way Schultz had it and maybe even better. It may take him a bit to “find his groove” but I think he will! I too can not believe this election was not a blow out for him. It says a lot about our voters and believing the BS. Way to go Joe! So far all is well!

  10. After the vote, Typhoid Mary came and wailed in a ditch,
    And she took from her pant-suit an old, cracked flute.

    And she cried out a song, that was more of b*tch,
    ‘Gainst old ‘Major’ Willbrandt, that ‘awful old coot!”

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