Jack Franks Backs Winners

J.B. Pritzker

The two candidates McHenry County Board Chainrman Jack Franks publicly backed in the Democratic Party Primary Election emerged victorious in Tuesday’s election.

His candidate for Governor, fellow one percenters JB Pritzker, and fellow one percenter Sean Casten to run against Congressman Peter Roskam.

Unlike Franks’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton in 2008 and 2016, Pritzker carried McHenry County 38% to 34% for Daniel Miss this year.

Sean Casten addressing McHenry County Democratic Party in October.

That was not the case with Franks’ congressional endorsement, however.

Instead of Franks’ endorsement carrying for Casten, Kelly Mazeeski won McHenry County 36% to 27&.

And, if you consider the endorsements of Franks’ allies embodied in the anonymous entity calling itself “Illinois Integrity Fund,” Franks also won in County Board District 6 when Republican allies Michele Aavang and Larry Smith beat challengers Orville Brettman and Ersel Schuster

He lost, however, when County Board critics Chuck Wheeler of McHsnry and Michael Rein of Woodstock won nomination, although Rein by old eleven votes, which could be subject to a recount.


Jack Franks Backs Winners — 18 Comments

  1. Rein would stand to take this as a referendum on his leadership. That was definitely no vote of confidence – shape up Dr. Rein.

  2. But Jack made enemies with the Biss-Bernie Stinkoes. Even they realize what a untrustworthy rat Jack is!

  3. Bernie or busters are Dino’s. They probably are registered socialists

  4. The take away from this election on the local level is that negative campaigning works.

    Especially when coupled with control of the local newspaper which Franks appears to have.

    Both of the anti Franks candidates in D6 were crushed and the two Franks critic incumbents barely survived against previously unknown challengers.

    The general election is not going to be a cake walk either. Almost as many Democratic ballots were picked as Republican.

    At best there will be only 4 or 5 Franks critics left on the Board going into the next term and possibly as few as 2 or 3.

    Good luck everybody.

  5. Illinois Pols everywhere, are today mourning the passing of their polical inspiration for 40 years, Frank Avruch

  6. Spit-light:

    Scurry back to your Master, the Great & Powerful Oz-Franks, and tell him (if you’re not in fact the OZ-Franks himself) that you did your bad deed for today on this blog, and perhaps the Great Oz-Franks will give you some premium rabbit food.

  7. Swordfish – Don’t you have a Klan rally or Holocaust denier meeting to attend instead of being on the blog?

  8. Those short videos are pretty hard-hitting.

    But they’re true!

  9. Swordfish doesn’t even deny they are a racist, bigoted, antisemetic lowlife.

    Why did I even start commenting on this blog? Someone that far gone is beyond reason.

  10. Hey Spot, shouldn’t you be planning Woodstoock’s First Annual Gay Pride Parade instead of wasting time here exhibiting your anti-White agitprop? I do have news for you, Mayor Sager wants to be the Parade Marshall, with his bf in tow for the convertible ride.

    But you could MAYBE be the parade mascot this year, if Mary Mahady says it’s OK!

  11. Good one Sword!

    Spotlight is the bigoted one. He hates Whites, Christianity, Heterosexuality, Citizenship, Trump, and ‘The Golden Rule.”

  12. My dear sunshine commenters: We should seize this opportunity to get together and plan our first McHenry county Gay/Lesbian Pride Parade. Our sunshine blogger could be our first grand marshal…in the spirit of the gay-straight alliance, I mean. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeoooowwwww…

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