Last Minute $12,662 to McClellan from Local 150

Mary McClellan

McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan got almost a $14,700 infusion of cash for her run for Circuit Court Judge less than a week before the March 20TH Primary Election.

Most came from her long-time allies, the International Union of Operating engineers Local 150–$12,751.77.

Another contributor–NIR Roof Care with an address in Huntley–contributed another $2,000.

That’s enough for two countywide direct mail pieces.

McClellan came in third out of four candiates in the race won by Judge Robert Wilbrandt.


Last Minute $12,662 to McClellan from Local 150 — 18 Comments

  1. There is no cure for stupidity and this proves it.
    Mike, tell your NIR boss lady she just wasted your bonus money.

  2. This last desperate effort from the International Union of Operating engineers Local 150 to save one of their Mules tells me a more than I thought.

  3. Suppose this is free speech. The union and all of their members wanted to support McClennan so that is OK.

  4. Any politician who takes money from a labor union is not conservative.

  5. The union determines the wishes of all of its members and then acts accordingly. If a union boss contributes money toward a particular candidate, then the members want and have endorsed that candidate. Pretty simple.

  6. She has signs up all over…. bet she won’t take any down…

  7. Pat Keneally and others have taken support from Local 150. It’s does not mean they are not conservative it just means Local 150 supports good people.

  8. Unions support democrats and republicans who are really democrats, but because they would have difficulty winning in McHenry County, run as republicans. Kenneally got money because his dad is a huge Cook Co. democrat, who contributes large amount of money to democrat campaigns. Kenneally didn’t need a huge amount of money because he got a lot of support from Bianchi.

  9. Jason and Watching? I’m thinking Kenneally might have been a big mistake. We can thank Provenzano for sticking us with Typhoid Mary. If he wasn’t so hated, we would not have ended up with her as clerk in the first place.

  10. Cindy, you’re right on the mark, as usual.

    I thank GOD that PC Witch McClellan will be off the public fisc come December. A Christmas gift for the sad people of McHenry County!

    McClellan’s lies and parasitism finally caught up with her. Shame on Flavin for being Jack Franks’ boy-toy to split the anti-McClellan vote further. He was definitely a rotten skunk!

  11. Local 150 interfering with elections again! I’m glad they threw away the dough!

    Poor Little Mary Moonshine!

    Poor Gil!

    Now they’ll have to get real jobs… but who will hire THEM!????

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