Route 31 Park and Ride Still Vastly Underused

Not many cars on this Tuesday afternoon about 12:45.

Every once in a while I drive past McHenry County’s Park and Ride lot at the intersection of Route 31 and Virginia Street Road.

Here is another view of the parking lot, looking north from its southern edge.

There are never enough cars to justify its existence.

But there was a bottle which might indicate some nighttime usage.

Could young people be using the parking lot for nighttime drinking?


Route 31 Park and Ride Still Vastly Underused — 22 Comments

  1. Culturally, this may never be used that much, due to the fact that most people in the County are a$$holes.

  2. It’s time again for my morning $HIT, So I Came by to see what you A$$HOLES are up to.

  3. If you want to draw 2 or 3 more climate changing eco morons in Dogpatch.

    You need to put in a West Po’kchop Railroad.

  4. What do ya mean not used?

    1.) That’s where Nick Provensano has his SUV teen trysts.

    2.) That’s where Jan Dalton counts her gambling debts

    3.) That’s where Dr. Tom Salvi ‘operates’ from.

    4.) That’s where Jack Franks organizes his Section 8 Chicago-import Trogs so they can get their stories straight.

  5. You can always tell who the Phat Jack supporters and DEMOCRATS in general
    are on this blog by their low IQ and immature comments.
    They all have subscriptions to the NWH.

  6. What could be funnier than an old, irrelevant blogger shooting a picture of an empty beer bottle on an empty lot? This sunshine blog always brightens our day with insightful political commentary and ridiculous stories. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeoooowwwww…

  7. Real Americans drink various concoctions of Bud, Miller, Old S, Busch, PBR, etc.

  8. What’s the deal here. What do drivers who park their cars/vehicles in this parking lot RIDE ON? Is there a railroad running near here? Who is responsible for building this parking lot?

  9. Sunshine blogger: It took a while but our sunshine political science professor finally caught up with the only purpose of this ridiculous story. Yes, I am referring the one who compared Jeanne Ives to Ronald Reagan and Jack Kennedy. My compassionate conservative friends are so predictable…and entertaining. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  10. So, what is the favorite beer of illegal aliens, sometimes referred to by nutballs as undocumented immigrants?

  11. Many of us have car-pooled over the years. We pick up, or get picked up, at our houses. No need to park anywhere in a parking lot.

  12. There’s my guy, bread. Like I said, there is no argument regarding racism. I’ll just move on now.

  13. An irrelevant comment by tom. What has a parking lot have to do with racism? Leave it to leftists and Democrats to stupidly insert the hate card or race card. DUMB!!! Just like their leaders, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Democrats are the people who by their narrative promote hate and racism. They are the haters. One of the most famous racists and haters, by statements he has made and are well documented, is Democrat Joe Biden. Also, Obama and some Chicago Democrat leaders had embraced a racist in Chicago who is a hater of Jewish people. Well documented.

    The top Democrat leader, Hillary, famously said in 2016, that Republicans are her enemies. She has also hated voters of Trump by saying they are deplorable and that women voted for Trump because their husbands forced them to do that.

  14. “So, what is the favorite beer of illegal aliens, sometimes referred to by nutballs as undocumented immigrants”? Our political science professor and grammar patroller finds creative ways to entertain us with his/her dissertations. Later on this patriot adds: “What has a parking lot have to do with racism”? The nonsensical entertainment in this sunshine blog never ends. Stay tuned. Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  15. My dear sunshine blogger. There are reports of a dead raccoon found near the empty beer bottle you showed us here a couple of days ago. Please send your army of reporters (yourself, of course) to bring the latest, including photographic evidence obviously…Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeoooowwwww…

  16. Probably a plot to get IDOT workers jobs so they could contribute nicely to Millers campaigns. Her on the county board transportation committee and him as Road Commisioner.

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