Edgar County Watchdogs Points Out Algonquin Township Clerk Stonewalling

The Edgar County Watchdogs have posted an article on line relating to the Algonquin Township Clerk and her portion of the CBS investigation which aired this past Monday.  This article is reprinted with permission.

Algonquin Township Clerk – Cry me a river!

Illinois Co. (ECWd) –

CBS 2 Chicago did a fine job expanding on the malfeasance that took place in the Algonquin Township Road District while under the failed leadership of Bob Miller, it was the Clerk’s comments that got our attention in that report.

The report shares the fact the Clerk, Karen Lukasik is being sued for stonewalling the current Highway Commissioner’s attempts to get records.   We know what that stonewalling looks like and are moving our failed attempts to get records to the courts as well.

During the interview, she said: “we’re supposed to be serving the people”, followed up with a claim he (Andrew Gasser) is not doing that, but rather serving himself.  She also went on with an emotional claim of: “I don’t know many people that would stick it out, but I’m not going to quit, I’m not going to quit”.

We are not sure why she was so emotional but all we can say is Cry Me A River.  Her own actions have proven she is stonewalling us on FOIA requests, and to date, I believe she represents the worst case of FOIA non-compliance we have ever come across, even when considering Carlinville.

For one that claims “we’re supposed to be serving the people”, it might do her well to start doing that and earn the measly $1200.00 a month she depends on

“My direct deposit did not go in I need a check today as soon as possible. I will be working there today so l will expect to get that before noon, pleaseI’m assuming you are in today as well?  Why is there always a problem with my pay???  I count on that measley 1200 a month. Getting very frustrating” (Lukasik Text Message

Considering it was her own words that said she counts on the measly $1,200.00 a month, is it safe to draw the conclusion she is not quitting because of this need, more so than the claim of being there to serve the people?

Considering us and others are taking her to court to get our records, it’s clear serving the people has a different meaning to her.

Used in this article: Photo (screenshot) and video (clip) from CBS News 2, Chicago.

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Edgar County Watchdogs Points Out Algonquin Township Clerk Stonewalling — 9 Comments

  1. Maybe she should go back to driving a bus with misc pay and hanging out at the MILLERS pool which was provided by tax payer $$$$

  2. Doesn’t her husband rake in a six digit salary from FRG?

    …and pension for life.

  3. Ms. Lukasik is clearly unhinged from the reality of
    this matter. That, or she is attempting to hide some
    very nefarious evidence.
    How much of the taxpayers money will be spent on legal assistance to
    defend this foolishness in court knowing that it will
    all be exposed eventually ?

  4. Boo Hoo! Don’t cry little Lukasik. Johnny Rienert won’t save you and you can always turn state’s evidence against the Miller Crime Clan.

  5. @Bald_Eagle

    The pension he earned? He’s retired, BTW, so. . . All in all what the hell does that have to do with anything?

  6. There are requisites for the clerk position. Ms. Lukasik doesn’t, or can’t fulfill them. It’s that simple, they need someone who can. Maybe someone who can focus on their duties, more than their personal vendettas.

  7. Seeing her crying on that CBS news piece last week has me thinking that we need to build a “safe place” for her. Perhaps someplace far, far, FAR away from Algonquin township.

  8. The Watchdogs should focus on the corruption in McHenry Township!

  9. Leo, Alg Twnshp has enough corruption to investigate. That starts with FOIA and Lukasik knows it. She is withholding evidence and the states atty should be involved. She’s not accomodating a legal function of her job. It is the job of the State’s Atty to defend who is right (not who they like, or want to play politics with i.e. Millers)
    There should be recourse against politicians who do not do their jobs and represent the people that put them into office.

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