Frequent Commenter Robin “the nob” Mohr takes to Facebook to question Gasser, Breast Cancer, Pink Truck

Algonquin Township’s pink truck in the final phase of construction.

Frequent commenter Robin Mohr who goes by the alias of “the nob” one the McHenry County Blog has taken to facebook to wonder if a pink truck will be used by Algonquin Township.   Mohr is a patronage hire and staunch defender of Miller.  You can read his post below:

The Pink truck will be a Yard Truck, the color will not fade because it will never leave the Garage it’s kept in. The extra cost of the pink truck over the yellow truck is more than two Disney Land tickets. Highway Commissioner, “I want one.” So he got one, should hold his lip service about wasting tax $$$$$.

Mohr reposted an article from the Sunday Northwest Herald.  In the article Gasser points out he served with a fellow Air Force member who was afflicted with the cancer.  Gasser claims there is no cost difference between the two trucks.


Frequent Commenter Robin “the nob” Mohr takes to Facebook to question Gasser, Breast Cancer, Pink Truck — 24 Comments

  1. There would be nothing more fair and balanced than the Supervisor, Clerk, and Highway Comm all resign ASAP.

  2. Might be a bit touch to sell this thing when the time comes. Did we need another plow? Thought Miller over bought everything.

  3. Just more Miller pond scum.

    He’s also the sad sack who got in hot water with Miller in 2016 over his ‘internet computer usage’ … I don’t have all the details and I can’t say if Bob Miller lowered the boom on him for the content of the
    sites he was ‘using’ or that he was just using the computer during work time. It would be unusual for Miller to be yelling at anybody at the Township Road Dist for using computers on Township time, every was doing it, including Miller. Maybe the sad sack was spending 8 hrs a day on the Township computers.

  4. Hey, why doesn’t the ignoble nob resign? He can get a job in Avon or McHenry Township. They employ rejects from other township road dists.

  5. the Supervisor, Clerk, and Highway Comm all resign ASAP.
    Drain the Swamp.

  6. What kind of resale with this equipment bring? Who wants a 2nd hand pink snowplow??

  7. Gasser is draining the swamp of Miller and you are one of the swamp dwellers.

    Most of the professionals I know love the truck Gasser spec’d. None of them, when asked, complained about the color.

  8. The $260. difference in costs may be lettering for the truck. I don’t see anything nefarious here.
    The same can’t be said for Bob Miller. I’m glad this came out as Nob has been defending Miller to no end. We finally see he is just another biased slob.

    Can he answer why he thinks Andrew should resign? I get why Chuck Lutzow and Lukasik should resign. (Chuck is still spending tax dollars on things that his predecessor did along with Miller that shouldn’t have been spent on. Lukasik is defending Uncle Bobby no matter what the cost! She doesn’t know what her job is, and fails at it miserably. She also acts like a thug and should not be able to retain that elected position)

    Lukasik, your rent is due, PAY UP!

  9. Sara, plenty of townships/municipalities will buy that plow. At least we know Gasser won’t let it go for far less than its blue book value like another road commissioner did for personal/political favor.

  10. I think things like the nob should just slither back into the portal he crawled out from. This would clearly drain much of the swamp.

  11. Nob, you’re biased, delusional and the constant Gasser-bashing and love connection with Miller, points to the fact that you’re most likely complicit.
    I’m with you on Supervisor (Lutzow) and Clerk (Lukasik) resigning. Gasser has absolutely no reason to resign. He’s draining the swamp in Algonquin Township . And in turn, he’s helping to drain the swamp in other areas as well.

    I only have one issue with Gasser, and have discussed it with him. He hasn’t corrected it, but in the scheme of things, it’s nothing compared to the Millers and their abuse of the taxpayers. If Gasser corrects this one small issue, no one could complain about him….unless they are upset that their cash cow Miller is no longer their personal Santa Claus with taxpayer dollars.

    When is the NWHerald going to actually report the news!!! Did Miller plow their parking lot on the taxpayers for the kind of protection/bias that they’re providing?

  12. Cindy, the ‘portal’ you’re referring to is Bob Miller’s a-hole.

  13. Grapevine, because he wants to eliminate Alg twh with no plan to replace the services for those that depend on them like me.

  14. The nob, you do not know it all! Funny that you think you do, though.

  15. When you go from picking apart former and current politicians to picking on commenters shame on you. You have gone too far and you should be ashamed of yourself. It’s not okay to complain about an 87,000.00 truck that will never leave the yard. I understand

  16. Nob, What ‘services’ do you depend on that municipal, county or state can’t provide?

  17. OK, now let’s all use our real names so we can have an intelligent biased/or unbiased conversation without all the nonsense and name calling. The nob is outed, so what. It’s OK to disagree, it is not OK to say things that would otherwise get you popped in the chops. We can be civil.

  18. Why do I feel like this truck was purchased so that A. Gasser has a pink truck to drive (while wearing a pink shirt) in this summer’s parades?

    While the extra few thousand dollars isn’t going to bust the budget, there doesn’t seem to be a legitimate reason for the upcharge, and that makes it wasteful. The offense is compounded if the waste served only to prop up ego.

  19. ⬆️ It’s more like a few hundred dollars. And Nob sure is the biggest defender of the old gaurd. Makes ya wonder?!?!

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