Rep. Reick’s Message: Rauner, You Need Us

Governor, Don’t Mangle the Only Chance You’ve Got

“Mendacity. What do you know about mendacity? I could write a book on it…Mendacity. Look at all the lies that I got to put up with. Pretenses. Hypocrisy…Boy, I’ve lived with mendacity. Now why can’t you live with it? You’ve got to live with it. There’s nothin’ to live with but mendacity. Is there?” – “Big Daddy” Pollitt, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

The most mendacious thing said in a campaign filled with mendacity came last night when Bruce Rauner said: “I am honored and humbled by this victory.”

Picture taken of Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager, Govenror Bruce Rauner and State Rep. Jack Franks at the Opera House, the site of the meeting that Local 150 claimed that McHenry County Board members broke the Open Meetings Act.

He should be humbled – he should’ve lost. Honor? Calling Jeanne Ives “Madigan’s favorite Republican” may have swayed enough people to put him over the top, but the smell it leaves behind is the smell of mendacity, and it will carry through to November.

A friend of mine observed early on that Bruce Rauner looks at the members of the General Assembly, especially the Republican members, as employees at a company he just bought that he wouldn’t have hired had he been in a position to do so in the first place. That pretty much sums it up.

So Governor, now that we’re stuck with you, here’s a little bit of advice. You need us more than we need you.

The only way you can win in November is if Republican House candidates drag you across the finish line.

But for that to happen, you’re going to have to check your ego at the door and accept the General Assembly as a co-equal branch of government and admit that we don’t work for you.

For a guy who made a fortune analyzing numbers, you’ve done a lousy job of understanding the rule of 60-30.

You’ve been in office for almost four years and still haven’t figured out that the only way to get rid of Mike Madigan is for Republicans to pick up nine seats in November.

The real action needs to happen in the House races, but can you set your ego aside long enough to let that happen?

State Rep. candidate Steve Reick and Bruce Rauner.

I’m afraid that what we’re going to get is seven months of you chanting Madigan! Madigan! and more Madigan! with the hope that repeating it often enough will make him disappear.

Do that and you’ll let the only chance you have slip away, and with it the State of Illinois, because the last thing we need is another billionaire who thinks that Governor is an entry-level position.

Governor, you’ve managed to mangle pretty much everything you’ve touched since you got elected. If you want a second term, don’t mangle this.


Rep. Reick’s Message: Rauner, You Need Us — 9 Comments

  1. What a laugh…the do-nothingReick giving political advice. Perhaps if he had an accomplishment on his record he’d be qualified for the title of representative. As of now, in my opinion, he’s Mr. Reick. And get rid of the blue jeans…you look ridiculous wearing them in Springfield.

  2. The SNAFU we have in Illinois has been coming for a long time, Rauner does not feel he owes anybody anything, he wants the voter’s to step in line. The Deal is done, JB will be Governor and Rauner will go to play, maybe even leave the Country, if he loses, according to his wife’s comments So Folks, listen to Priest.

    Jeanne Ives was our hope and a prayer . . . Rauner and his lies stole that, he will earn his place of shame down the road.

  3. I was hoping for a contest between Ives and Biss…figuring that either way Illinois would have an advantage,,,But Now we’re lost..sunk…and screwed..with no place to go but out of state….hello Wisconsin

  4. Bill Matteson, I was looking for a JB and Jeanne Ives, she could beat him and out debate him. But appears Rauner had a deal to keep Ives out. Just my impression.

  5. Reick is just a RINO, too, so what gives? Just another RINO rushing for the ratlines?

  6. Say adios to Illinois come the next election for governor.
    Jumbo Boy will eat RINO Rauner alive as if he were an
    appetizer at his favorite buffet.
    The taxpaying citizens will be the main course on Jumbo Boy’s Socialist menu.

  7. Nice photo of the Three Blind Mice:

    Brian Sager, Bruce Rauner and Jack Franks

  8. Unfortunately the R’s will not pick up the 9 seats in this election cycle if national trends thus far mean anything.

    The Dems just won a congressional seat in PA in the middle of Trump Country which had been a Deep Red plus 20 point Trump landslide in 2016.

    This was consistent with dozens of special elections prior to that one.

    Recent national polls show the Dems posting big gains in voter ID across the board, especially with younger voters, college educated, and women.

    Minority population is increasing.

    Rep ID is only holding with poorly educated older white men.

    The GOP is about to go the way of the Whigs.

    Were it not for the fact that the Illinois districts are already gerrymandered to the max to favor the Dems, there would be massive Dem pickups this year. As it stands, there may still be a handful.

    There is absolutely no way that Ruaner will win this.

    The Big Pritz will have an all Dem state government and three times as much money as Ruaner to throw around to keep people in line.

    It won’t matter if Madigan is gone or not. JP will be the new Big Boss.

    He might even throw JF enough of a bone to lure him away from McHenry County.

    Paula Yensen will then be Board Chairman.

  9. Too bad the ballot for governor doesn’t have a “none of the above” option.

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