Grafton Township Road Commissioner Tom Poznaski Working for Tollway

Tom Poznanski

Got another anonymous letter recently in which the writer said the Grafton Township Road Commissioner Rom Poznanski was working for the Illinois Toll Road Authority.

I checked the State Comptroller’s web site and discovered that was correct.

His job is as an “equipment operator laborer.”

The pay is $24 per hour.

Township Road Commissioners are elected.


Grafton Township Road Commissioner Tom Poznaski Working for Tollway — 32 Comments

  1. Double dipping while being an absentee road commissioner. Great! He’s probably working to get legal expenses put away!

  2. Townships blow. It’s as simple as that! They should be eliminated. As should these trough-feeders.

  3. Didn’t Zielinski double dip too with Boone County until he was fired from there?

  4. Serious question; how do you legally have 2 jobs like this? Obviously you aren’t doing your job I’m at least 1 of them (perhaps both).

  5. The road commissioner is a full time job. Someone should ask the double dipper why at the next monthly meeting

  6. The taxpayers didn’t care when John Jung who is taking a pension with his salary and benefits for the County Board. Taxpayers didn’t care that someone perfectly qualified for judge refuses his multi million dollar pension and doesn’t get elected. Both still hold taxpayer elected seats. Who cares that he is double dipping and suppose to be doing a full time job with the road commissioner. Republicans have spoken they don’t care about it! If they did Miller would have lost in a landslide for his cronyism as well as John Jung and Judge Wilbrandt! Good luck McHenry County!

  7. No the far right Republicans don’t care!!!!
    The present Alg Twh Highway Comm gets a gov pension while raking in $92k and the workers hardly see him less get any direction.

  8. Hey Nob, I am betting that not seeing gasser is considered a benefit to those poor souls working with him. 🙂

  9. Bob Miller was hardly there as well along with his son in laws that were hardly there as to! Comparing Gassers pension with the military is just stupid! Now if you want to complain about him not being there like Miller well there you go. Or the part time money that his wife got for not being there either with her County Pension now! If you don’t complain about the Millers don’t complain about Gasser! The Cronies that have been in this County along with all the Patronage will continue no matter what party is in charge! Only a select few refuse to do it that way but that is the America way!

  10. @sayitaintso: that “judge” candidate so perfectly qualified rarely talked about his qualifications. His first talking points never seemed to be about his abilities, qualifications or valuable experience; first was his pension “shpeel” then about not hiring his wife. By that point, people gave up on him because he couldn’t articulate what qualities set him apart. Basically, he was a gimmick.

  11. Sobeit, now tell us how you know whether Bob or Ann were there or not?
    Unless you worked there or know a employee, you don’t.
    Saying the son in laws weren’t there is pure nonsense.
    Comparing Gasser getting a pension and AT pay, double dipping, is right on the money.
    Ann was a double dipper, happy.
    Tom is correct.

  12. Zielinski the Grafton Assessor was double dipping with Boone County. He was working there part time starting in August of last year and then worked full time there starting in December of 2017. He never quit the Grafton job even though the Township board told him to resign. But now he is no longer working for Boone county. Grafton is still stuck with him.

  13. I have a real problem with Gasser. He should have cut the levy more than just five percent.

    As for the nob job he is truly insane. Gasser is so far from perfect but he is so much better than what we had. Stay the course Gasser. Stay the course.

  14. Grafton Township supervisor Eric Ruth works a fulltime side job also. He is never there either! The road commissioner and supervisor get pension and health insurance too!

  15. You can bet Tim Hoeft is the author of the anonymous letter. He ran against Polanski and lost. Tim is just another double dipper wannabe who loves to drink up at the local bar.

  16. Another case for getting rid of the township racket!

    Fold ’em up. They’re ripe for corruption, fraud and abuse, just like this!
    Sending this to McSweeney.

  17. Sam comparing the degree of negative doesn’t change the fact they are still negative.
    Number one gov employee double dippers, Fireman!

  18. This is worse than I thought.
    Seems to be a systemic rot from the inside.

  19. The Ruth, Poznaski and Ziller clique are well aware that township office is a wonderful way to supplement their regular income. Their friend Jim Kearns now has county board member benefits plus his township pension. Trust me they don’t want townships to go away.

  20. Why not ask all township officials who work other fulltime jobs to step down?

  21. According to the Comptroller’s website, Mr Poznanski has grossed $14,400 through 3/23/18.

    That’s 12 weeks into the year, and if he is making $24/hr and working 40 hrs/week, that would mean that he has picked up 80 hours of OT so far. (((12 * 40) * $24) + (80 * $36) = $14,400)

    Where does he find the time to be Road Commissioner?

  22. That’s what Jenny Moore his secretary does. She is doing his job.

  23. There’s a lot not right about this thread. If you have concerns over pensions or hours worked or any cliques, please attend a township meetings. It’s really the only way to get the facts! I’d personally love to see Not the Assessor at the meetings I attend regularly, even though I already know who you are

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