Lakewood’s 2017 – Part 2 — 4 Comments

  1. More from the blowhard. Passed an advisory referendum. Whoopee. Means nothing. And what a set up as well. For his next trick, Serwatka should run another “advisory” referendum question such as – Would you like free beer and pizza for the rest of your life?. Then he can write another 3 page newsletter about that victory.

    OMG this guy is such a paper tiger I can’t believe he is in office. Too bad it will take years for voters to recognize the paper in that tiger.

  2. That “paper tiger” cut their village property tax levy by 10%!
    Where else are municipal leaders doing that?
    That paper tiger also abolished a 66 million dollar TIF District that others said couldn’t be done.
    That paper tiger has made great strides in rooting out the corruption that’s run rampant for several decades in that Village.

    We coukd use a few more Paper Tigers in local governments throughout Illinois!

  3. X, I have to ask, are you no longer reaping taxpayer’s money for personal gain?

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