Explanation of Chuck Lutzow’s Miscellaneous Income

Large miscellaneous pay showed up on the first paycheck for new Algonquin Townshjip Supervisor Chuck Lutzow.

Question has been raised about the large amount of “miscellaneous” income during the first month that Chuck Lutzow received during his first pay period as Township Supervisor last May.

When I talked with Lutzow he explained that he was Township Clerk for the first half of the month and Township Supervisor for the last half.

Instead of cutting two checks, the payroll clerk designated his salary for Clerk as “regular” and his salary for Supervisor as “miscellaneous.”

Commenters have written  that miscellaneous income paid to Road District employees from 2012 through the end of Bob Miller’s term of office also had logical explanations.

However, no records were left to explain the payments, which seemed to peak for most employees just bdefore the Christmas season.


Explanation of Chuck Lutzow’s Miscellaneous Income — 6 Comments

  1. Two pay periods each month, the Clerk pay could of been the first pay period, the Supervisor the last pay period of the month.
    Resigning the pay stub would help also, on call and other columns would clear up the questions some.

  2. Complete bs
    He’s following kreklows lead giving raises that we’re not watched FBI

  3. I’m really disappointed with Mr. Lutzow. He was kind of good in the 90s, but I see he’s fattened at the government trough for too long and has been coopted. Just another Millerite.

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