McHenry County Salaries – Hi-Hu

Hildreth,Paul G Deputy – Union $112,577.48
Hill,Danny R DOT Maint Worker $64,510.40
Hill,Richard M Public Health Administrator $156,948.96
Hintzsche,Korine R Env Health Representative $37,186.50
Hirsch,Adam C Correctional Officer – Union $115,143.12
Hodgson,Cynthia M Recording Spec II $53,090.82
Hoffman,Charles F Deputy – Union $112,588.48
Hoffman,George M Attorney, Principal $98,259.62
Hoffman,Nancy S Court Admin Spec $43,158.72
Hoffmann,Bridget M Health Educator $25,772.72
Holze,Scarlett M Registry – CNA $5,105.10
Homuth,Jacob J Probation Off II $51,674.70
Homuth,Katie A Workforce Development Spec $53,415.72
Honea,Meghan K Adm Spec/Board Secretary $52,882.08
Houghton,Clifton A Board of Review Mbr $30,765.28
Hoven,Ryan T. Deputy – Union $105,929.80
Howard Jr,Raymond S Correctional Officer – Union $99,490.20
Howatt,Clare A Audit Staff Assistant $57,261.48
Howell,Maryellen G Veterinary Division Manager $96,842.40
Hoyne,Claire M Registered Nurse $72,993.72
Hudson,Ken E Attorney, Assistant $61,425.26
Huelsman,Christine Health Educator $50,277.66
Huffman,Susana Law Librarian $35,529.00
Hulina,Daniel A Correctional Officer – Union $106,148.88
Huml,Deborah A Director of Social Services $76,450.42
Hunt,Shana R Registry Certified Nursing Asst I $5,105.10
Hunter,Erica P Public Health Nurse Clinic $38,233.37
Huntington,Hillary P Accounting Assistant II $51,841.20

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