Uncounted Ballots-A Conundrum

Can anyone find where McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan has put this requirement of state stature?

Unless someone can post in the comments as to the location of uncounted ballots on the Clerk’s website, Mary McClellan has failed to comply with election law. We reported on a previous violation at Jack Franks Bailing Out Mary McClellan.

Mary McClellan

According to (10ILCS 5/1-9.2)

Sec. 1-9.2. Uncounted ballot information on website. No later than 48 hours after the closing of polling locations on election day, each election authority maintaining a website shall post the number of ballots that remain uncounted. The posting shall separate the number of ballots yet to be counted into the following categories: ballots cast on election day, early voting ballots, provisional ballots, vote by mail ballots received by the election authority but not counted, and vote by mail ballots sent by the election authority but have not been returned to the election authority. This information shall be updated on the website of the election authority each day until the period for counting provisional and vote by mail ballots has ended. All election authorities, regardless of whether they maintain a website, shall share the same information, separated in the same manner, with the State Board of Elections no later than 48 hours after the closing of polling locations on election day and each business day thereafter until the period for counting provisional and vote by mail ballots has ended.


Uncounted Ballots-A Conundrum — 13 Comments

  1. So, WAIT A MINUTE?!? You mean Mary McClusterfart hasn’t followed the law??!?!? Isn’t she a lawyer??? Didn’t she want to be a judge?

  2. McClellan obey the law?

    Don’t make me laugh.

    She breaks the law whenever she can get away with it!

    E.g.: https://www.indybar.org/index.cfm?pg=AppellatePracticeNews&blAction=showEntry&blogEntry=3576

    She can now get a job as McHenry Co. Animal Control officer along with her beloved flunky-monkey, Gil.

    She can specialize in catching escaped pythons and other serpents. Why? Because she can smell out her own kind and locate the missing and/or dangerous snakes.

    Her husband can go after giant leeches and venomous insects … again, because he’s great at dealing with his own kind.

  3. McClellan … please move to Waukegan, Chicago, Robbins, east St. Louis or some other rathole where your crooked efforts will be better appreciated.

  4. Wow you people are over the top with the most evil things that anyone could imagine. November is right around the corner and it looks like democracts are in the lead bye bye republican candidates with opponents. Thank god we
    Can finally rid our selves of the poison that has destroyed the party. As angel says tick tick tick tick tock meow meow meow and then are sunshine blogger who says the pedofile claim is not true. Or tirio can’t. Say the things that were said about him are not true these are truths just like Provenzano who had this covered up since October these people will be shown for what they really are

  5. I can’t figure who was worse. Kathy Schultz or McClellan.

    It’s like choosing between being bitten by a tiger or a grizzly bear.

  6. Ahh the illiterate McClusterfnck surfaces. You can tell ‘Pacco’ is McClellan by all the spelling and gramatical errors. (just like in the mailer she sent out about her opponent)

  7. You wish I was McClellN ah ha ha aha ha you are nothing but a bunch of aholes probably joe tirio wife who he would not hire and a couple of his friends if not himself 2 times a lady. Tirio is nothing but a big pu$&y and has nothing but a bunch of hot air to offer what nothing

  8. It must have been difficult to attain the title of the most hated person in McHenry County considering we have the Jackal.

  9. Pacco, please calm yourself, Mary. The election is over and so is your troubling political career!

    It’s time to reflect Pacco-Mary. You can’t make a judge out of a crooked lawyer this time.

    Please ‘try and sabotage the Clerk’s Office before Joe T takes over — there could well be criminal charges this time.

  10. Anyone thinks Franks’ law firm will give McClellan a job now that she will be off the public dole. She has all that great experience (hiding evidence, lying to federal judges, sleeping with a living, breathing sexual harassment claim?), certainly she is capable of doing foreclosures and collections for Herb and Jack. Give her a GPS so she can find the courthouse and she is ready to go.

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