Did “Illinois Integrity Fund” Place Internet Ad with Northwest Herald?

Joe Tirio photoshopped by the “Illinois Integrity Fund.”

Unsure of the date, a friend of McHenry County Blog reports seeing McHenry County Clerk candidate Joe Tirio’s masked face on the Northwest Herald web site.

The sighting was made about a week before the election while reading the NWH’s letters to the editor.

If accurate, it would mean the NWH, which expressed no knowledge of the origin of Illinois Integrity Fund’s except the name of printer Breaker Press (which was the identified payer of the postage) knows more than it is revealing or allowed the ad placement for free.


Did “Illinois Integrity Fund” Place Internet Ad with Northwest Herald? — 45 Comments

  1. As I pointed out in this post: http://mchenrycountyblog.com/2018/03/11/joe-tirio-replies-smears-jack-franks-allies/,
    the Illinois Integrity Fund was running a Google Adwords campaign which displays ads based on the user’s browsing history, cookies, etc. The NWH has these same types of ads embedded on its site (you might see a small link called AdChoices within the ad). If this is what this person saw, I’m not sure of the NWH’s ability to be able to see who is behind a specific Google Adwords campaign that gets displayed on their site.

  2. Poor misunderstood NWH.

    They don’t have a clue what’s going on in the County.

    Every blessed day they lose a subscriber … it’s true! Check out the extortionately-priced obits!

  3. Who’ll be the next peon laid off by the NWH.




  4. I will dance a victory tarantella the day NWH folds up. I’m 83 and live for that glorious day.

  5. They are “changing their look” yet again. A sure sign that the End is near.

  6. I just love picking up my free paper at Centegra. They dump the paper in mass quantities at hospitals, libraries, etc., to keep up their circulation mythical rates (thereby cheating their dwindling number of advertisers).

    When the Herald dies, more will come here for the real news anyway.

    TaTa Herald! My parakeet will be a little sorry when you go. NOT ME!

  7. The commenters on this blog are so laughably stupid it occasionally hurts to laugh so hard.

    Subpoena who, you idiot? Do you have any understanding of how anything involving a subpoena works?

    Having a vague desire to do something does not make it doable. This is a cesspool of people who hang out at townie bars and reminisce about the good ol’ high school days with nothing better to do complaining about things far over their heads.

    Please stop. It hurts, but I can’t look away.

  8. Re: “The commenters on this blog are so laughably stupid”

    Ever look in the mirror?

  9. You got me! Similar to correcting other people’s grammar in hopes of making political points, semantic comments about self-referentiality are definitely the highest form of debate. Congrats for triumphing in the crusade, idiot. The victory is yours.

  10. Sunshine blogger, I feel offended by the commenter who dared to challenge the average level of intelligence of our glorious sunshine blogs commenters. It is particularly painful as I gradually transition into the parallel universe of nonsense libertarianism while learning about license plates, cat stories, and old political campaign signs. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock

  11. Sorry Cindy, but your worldview is dying. I don’t care to debate your insanity, just to inform you that your kind, in the coming decades, will cease to exist and we’ll all live peacefully without it. You lose.

  12. In defense of our sunshine blogger, according to election authorities, he is over 200 years old and still going strong. I have my faith on him to keep the flame of reactionary compassionate conservative alive and carry this torch to the future with resolve and confidence….however scary this may sound. Stay tuned. Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeoooowwwww

  13. @TheHarm – don’t mind Cindy. She doesn’t vote, doesn’t suppoert local elected by volunteering, or work. She is a cave troll.

  14. TheHarm, I have to post.

    Dr. told me if I don’t, in five years I could lose nearly all my ability, to lose my mind over trivial crap.

  15. **it would mean the NWH, which expressed no knowledge of the origin of Illinois Integrity Fund’s except the name of printer Breaker Press (which was the identified payer of the postage) knows more than it is revealing or allowed the ad placement for free.**

    I have no love for the NWH, but I would assume that there is a real wall between their advertising content and their journalism and editorial content.

  16. DJ, admittedly this is trivial and I let it irritate me far more than I should, but for the sake of my own mental health I had to have some sort of release from the torture of bearing witness to such transcendent idiocy without response.

  17. Dear sunshine commenters: Did you read about solar farms in McHenry county? “My fellow compassionate conservative commenters, ask not what the fossil fuel industry can do for you, ask what you can do for the fossil fuel industry.” Stay tuned. Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeoooowwwww…

  18. Nobody is fooling anyone about the obvious collusion and coordination between The NWH, the Illinois integrity fund, the candidates and their puppet master. The timing alone of the mailer releases and the NWH publication of smears is enough.

    Expect more in the fall. Much more.

  19. One would think that a good local newspaper would be all over who sent out the nasty mailers including the one showing Tirio in a mask. One would think. Do they have investigative journalists on staff who could look into the “matter”?

    About one year ago the publisher/owner of the paper promised honest, not fake, news from his newspaper. What say he about the nasty mailers?

  20. Orville,
    Please climb back in Donald Trump’s rectum, where you came from. You lost because you are a sh*tty candidate, not because of some mailer. You ran as a Trump Republican when that actually went out of fashion about a year ago. Sorry, not sorry.

  21. **Nobody is fooling anyone about the obvious collusion and coordination**

    LOL – no. Ads showing up on NWH’s website is not collusion. Good try though.

  22. Seeing the defeated make comments about the victors is quite amusing. Wave to Mr. Brettman everybody!

  23. Not sure how many people received all of the ‘hit pieces’ but there was one which included the quote from Larry Smith who ran as a Republican but filed with the State of Illinois as an Independent: “They (voters) should be very concerned about his extreme views.” when referring to another Republican candidate for office. A candidate not even running for the same office.

    BTW based on info posted on the GOP website, Larry Smith did not respond to a published questionnaire but the other Republican did.

    In other words Larry Smith considers the GOP platform extreme? Why is he running as a Republican?

  24. Orville is just sad that his collusion with Cal didn’t give him the results he expected. He doesn’t realize that nobody takes this blog seriously.

  25. Right… nobody reads this blog and nobody cares what is said. Obviously,that would make you ‘nobody ‘,

    Btw, thou doth protest too much!

  26. It’s quite simple, TheHarm.

    Illinois Integrity Fund never registered with the State of Illinois, even though it is quite obvious that they spent well over $5,000 on their mailings.

    There is very good reason to believe that they violated Illinois law by doing so.

    There is very good reason to believe that Breaker Press would have knowledge about the people behind the Illinois Integrity Fund.

    A subpoena would be entirely justified if the Illinois State Board of Elections chose to launch an investigation.

    Additionally, the mailings about Joe Tirio were so far over the top, he would have a very good libel case even when one considers the wide latitude traditionally given to political speech.

    He could easily get the courts to enforce a subpoena if he were to file a civil suit.

  27. TheHarm? I see your selfish moronic generation that begs for the government to take every single liberty they have and to give them everything for free. You are a very sad and pathetic lot. The “worldview” you think is dying, is the only way to survive in this world. Stupid and entitled is no way to go through life. The older generation you so vilify is probably going to outlive all of you snowflakes.

    Your kind will perish for lack of common sense and personal integrity. The really sad part is that you will have lost your eternity while you think you are being de rigueur with your smart tongue. You must be one selfish putrid thing that could actually think it smart to speak the way you do of your neighbors and elders at that!

  28. Orville why don’t you and Shuster go pick
    Up all
    Your signs instead
    Of being on this blog.

  29. I take this sunshine blog very, very seriously. Ask Klaatu Barada Nikto about it. Legion of justice anyone? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeoooowwwww

  30. TheHarm? You win. You are THE creepiest person to have ever sucked air and then posted on this blog. I wish you all the joy that you spread. You must be a total delight for your family and a jewel in your Mother’s crown. I have never witnessed such pure unadulterated jealousy and hatred (except for the children that are determined to take down trump). Enjoy your elongated future in Hell with your Daddy.

  31. Dr Rein’s hit pieces definitely had out and out lies too.
    Let’s see, who in politics Lies his ass off everyday? That’s who’s behind this.

  32. Cindy, did “TheHarm” just threaten you? One could interpret that comment as a front page NWH story, then maybe the NWH could regurgitate it a year later! Even after the State’s Atty deems it harmless.

  33. Yes, Greg. He must feel very manly threatening an old woman. (He obviously has no idea there are many seniors on here.)

  34. I love it when my compassionate conservative snowflakes deflect the issue with “threats” inspired by the glorious cyber affair starred by our very own Klaatu Barada Nikto a year ago. With regards to age, it is widely accepted the average age of sunshine commenters is 147.2 years old with our sunshine blogger going strong heading to the 300 year landmark. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeoooowwwww

  35. At the request of of the previous, the offending comment has been removed.

  36. Cindy Snowflake ❄️
    Comments wouldn’t need to be removed if she weren’t such a deplorable.

  37. I made no request to remove anything. I would never censure anyone no matter how asinine they choose to present themselves.

  38. I’m a deplorable, too!

    And proud of it! You Marxists will pay a heavy price. Tick tock

  39. Pacco, if you have locations, I’d be happy to collect Brettman & Schuster’s signs.
    thank you.

  40. This place never ceases to amaze. The Clerk race is ugly and going to get uglier. I wonder why? I don’t recall this being a life-or-death contest before.

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