McHenry Township Dems Pick Pritzker

J.B. Pritzker

In looking at precinct results in McHenry Township for any precincts other than Steve Verr’s to see if theOP gubernatorial got fewer votes than those cast for Precinct Committeeman, I jotted down what Democrat won each pre cinct.

It was not surprising that JB Pritzker won the most precincts–20.

Daniel Biss, who ran second, won ten precincts.

Chris Kennedy was first in two precincts.

Pritzker and Biss tied in two precincts.

In only one precinct, McHenry 7, did the total vote for all the Democratic Party candidates for Governor exceed the combined total for Bruce Rauner and Jeanne Ives.



McHenry Township Dems Pick Pritzker — 8 Comments

  1. There is no way there were more votes for people at the bottom of the ballot than at the top, esp. when there’s a hot race at the top which the Governor’s race surely was.

    Just repeat one thousand times: “We live in Illinois and all our elections are honest and good.”

    And you may just become an honorary citizen of Madiganistan, complete with chains, blinders and enormous property taxes (but not enormous property taxes for the favored few who Madigan represents in Tax Court, where a drastic reduction will surely come).

  2. What the heck; we voted for Jack Franks and learned nothing; go ahead and vote for JB and continue the skid into bankruptcy

  3. I think it was cross over Dems.

    That precinct has a disproportionately high number of Democrats historically.

    The McHenry County Democratic Chair in the 80’s and up to 1992 was Monty Yates, who was the Dem PC for that precinct partly because he had such a large weighted vote and could throw that behind himself. There were not a lot of Dem PC’s in those days so his votes had some heft.

    He could barely put a complete English sentence together.

    Ironically, his brother, who lived in the same house with him, was the GOP PC.

    Both were rumored to be Al Jourdan plants.

    Someone should look at the Dem primary votes in previous years and see if there was a fall off this year.

  4. I don’t think he had the plumbing fixtures taken out of his house to avoid paying property taxes.

    I think he broke all the toilets when he sat down on them.

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