McHenry County Salaries – Ke-Kn

Kearns,James A County Board Member $49,813.86
Keck,Kimberly J Custodian – Union $45,933.50
Kee,Janice VH Admin Spec I $43,332.92
Keefe,Geri A Legal Admin Spec $33,540.00
Keefe,Katherine M. Clerk of Circuit Court $112,480.34
Kellner,Kelsey J WIC Nutritionist $27,765.92
Kellner,Lindsay A Family Case Manager $48,281.70
Kelly,Caitlynn R Deputy – Union $106,513.00
Kelly,Richard C ZBA Mbr Chair $6,240.00
Kelsch,James Investigator $86,658.72
Keltner,Jacob H Deputy – Union $112,588.48
Kempster,Barbara J Accounting Coordinator $53,689.74
Kenneally,Patrick D States Attorney $166,507.90
Kernes,Mark D Assessment Specialist II $57,757.08
Ketchem,Kayla A Certified Nursing Asst I $13,782.60
Keys,Dennis R. Court Security Ofcr – Union $67,981.20
Khollman,Michael J Custodian I $29,951.70
Kim,Richard V Deputy – Union $74,293.00
Kinas,Stephanie E Health Educator $45,326.46
King,James O Correctional Officer – Union $93,793.68
King,Laura L Chief Investigator $90,898.32
Kinney,Shelley L Public Health Nurse $27,787.50
Kinzie,Susan S. Recorder Office Supervisor $58,040.02
Kirnbauer,Michael J Correctional Officer – Union $51,426.80
Klehr,Zachary A Community Development Spec $44,545.28
Klotz,Elizabeth J. Correctional Officer – Union $86,329.20
Knezevic,Elizabeth A Correctional Officer – Union $115,143.12
Knoll,Luann Court/Courtroom Spec II $54,333.24


McHenry County Salaries – Ke-Kn — 7 Comments

  1. She has multiple talents; corrections and training officer; well earned. Again, as I’ve stated before, YOU want to work in the jail? The zip it

  2. I’d like to hear every County Board Member stand up at a meeting and tell their constituents why they should be paid their outrageous salaries/benefits for a less than part time job. These numbers are sickening to the taxpayers who are REALLY working to pay the taxes that cover your $$$.

    And how about DeVane’s salary in the Sheriff Dept. $161,000 What is his function? What is Prim’s Salary and his duties?

  3. Thanks AZ, I haven’t laughed so much in years.
    “…multiple talents…”
    Now that is funny.

  4. CP, the jail is taking applications right now, I believe. Be my guest and sign in the dotted line. I dare you

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