Algonquin Township Clerk – Cry me a river!

The following is posted with permission from the Edgar County Watchdogs:

CBS 2 Chicago did a fine job expanding on the malfeasance that took place in the Algonquin Township Road District while under the failed leadership of Bob Miller, it was the Clerk’s comments that got our attention in that report.

The report shares the fact the Clerk, Karen Lukasik is being sued for stonewalling the current Highway Commissioner’s attempts to get records.   We know what that stonewalling looks like and are moving our failed attempts to get records to the courts as well.

During the interview, she said: “we’re supposed to be serving the people”, followed up with a claim he (Andrew Gasser) is not doing that, but rather serving himself.  She also went on with an emotional claim of: “I don’t know many people that would stick it out, but I’m not going to quit, I’m not going to quit”.

We are not sure why she was so emotional but all we can say is Cry Me A River.  Her own actions have proven she is stonewalling us on FOIA requests, and to date, I believe she represents the worst case of FOIA non-compliance we have ever come across, even when considering Carlinville.

For one that claims “we’re supposed to be serving the people”, it might do her well to start doing that and earn the measly $1200.00 a month she depends on

“My direct deposit did not go in I need a check today as soon as possible. I will be working there today so l will expect to get that before noon, please. I’m assuming you are in today as well?  Why is there always a problem with my pay???  I count on that measley 1200 a month. Getting very frustrating” (Lukasik Text Message

Considering it was her own words that said she counts on the measly $1,200.00 a month, is it safe to draw the conclusion she is not quitting because of this need, more so than the claim of being there to serve the people?

Considering us and others are taking her to court to get our records, it’s clear serving the people has a different meaning to her.

Used in this article: Photo (screenshot) and video (clip) from CBS News 2, Chicago.

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Algonquin Township Clerk – Cry me a river! — 9 Comments

  1. Lukasik (and a few others) will be looking at some prison time when what
    she is attempting to cover up is finally exposed.
    Karen, you can run but you can not hide.
    Enjoy your stay at the Graybar Hotel.

  2. Quit pickin’ on her! She’s just a little cog of the busted up Miller “Help Yourself” township machine.

    She only meant to get health insurance and little money for not doing very much at all.

    She’s a wonderful person! Hah, Hah! Yeah, right!

    The Bobby and his sons-in-law swam into a new swamp, NUNDA TOWNSHIP.

    The crooks running Nunda are obliged by the TOI rules to help ‘downtrodden’ and ‘defeated’ townshippers.

    Moraine Township and Cuba Township (Lake Co.) told Miller and his bad boys they couldn’t hire them yet because it was too hot. Come back in ’19 when the media attn faded. But Miller would not be put off!

    “I was President of TOI!” he exclaimed.

    Even the Cuba Township Road Comm’r said ‘Sorry, for now’

    So, Booby had his ‘ace in the hole’ –a fatcat job doing absolutely nothing at Nunda, bc he had ‘the goods’ on the law-abiding and upstanding Iron Mike, who promised Booby the wk after the primary election that saw him trounced ‘another job – a good job’ [doing nothing] ‘when things blow-over’

    But blow over, they never did, things just worse for Booby (Disneyland, free cell phones, the ‘cruise,’ expensive woman’s wear, etc., etc.) Those crazy people from Edgar Co. sticking their noses into Mcenry Co.

    But a down-and-out Township rat always had his rat-liness and chits to call in and rely on, taxpayers can just got to HELL!

    The INDIGNITY of turning out Poor Booby!

    How ungrateful the Algonquin sheep were to rise up over their collective fleecing!


    All the little things!

    ‘Ungrateful dopes! Couldn’t they turn out for me???!! Booby wailed. If I had a half vote for everybody who said they voted for me I’d a won in a landslide!” Booby roared at an ‘Around the Clock’ breakfast.

  3. Resign, Ms. Lukasik. You seemingly refuse to fulfill FOIA requests (stating no records or inconvenient access). You don’t seem to know the law, your job or duties. You let random outsiders rummage through protected records.
    You work for the people, Ms. Lukasik, not the Millers.

  4. Maybe taxpayers should picket the township demanding that she quit or complies!

  5. What about picketing at Nunda, another nidus of corruption!

    I wanna watch the pus ooze out once Iran Mike’s ‘Roadway cyst” gets lanced!

  6. Congratulations, Justin! That was a major league word to use there. I actually had to look that one up. It just was not in my vocabulary. Must be another fault in my “worldview”.

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