McHenry County Salaries – Ku-Le

Kunz,Kyle D PDO Attorney $75,766.86
Kunzen,Kyle B Radio Dispchr – Union $57,335.80
Kurtz,Donna M County Board Member $43,282.80
Kuthe,Justin M Correctional Officer – Union $82,554.60
Kuykendall,Scott H Water Resources Specialist $71,215.26
Kvidera,Heather M Office Assistant II Union $47,800.74
Ladd,Robert S Attorney, Senior $83,026.58
Ladd,Samantha N Certified Nursing Asst I $42,221.14
Lagerhausen,Gwen J Activity Assistant $50,575.92
Landorf,Dakota R DOT Maint Worker $48,790.40
Lang,Walter E Process Server – Union $59,358.60
Laramie,Renee A. Lead Kennel Tech $57,160.74
Larson,Laura J Deputy – Union $112,558.48
LaRue,Arthur W Court Security Ofcr – Union $55,788.64
Lash,Terance A Correctional Officer – Union $51,426.80
Laskowski,Nicole M. Deputy – Union $105,929.80
Laudick,Stephen P Corrections SGT $123,712.72
Lavan,John L. Clerk II – Union $52,037.00
Lawrence,Travis James Custodian II $32,768.46
Lebron,Jose M Registry – RN $15,600.00
Lee,Cha Project/Design Engineer $93,251.60
Lee,Sarah Ann Correctional Officer – Union $101,800.08
Leman,Brandy S Public Health Nurse Clinic $51,226.50
Lemke,Daniel C DOT Maint Worker $48,395.20
Lenzen,Derek J Correctional Officer – Union $106,148.88
Leonard,Djuana M Procurement Specialist II $69,121.80
Lersch,Allison R Assessment Specialist I $44,212.74
Lester,Terry L Custodian Spvr. – Non Union $54,650.00
LeVan,Margaret L Food Service Assistant $30,103.46
Levato,Jeffrey Daniel Supervisor Field Staff $67,961.40


McHenry County Salaries – Ku-Le — 2 Comments

  1. Interesting Enough, Donna Hayseed Kurtz collecting twice her salary here.
    The Elected Job Pays $20,000.00 But Ms Kurtz figured how to get Deeper in Your Pocket to the tune of $43,282.80?
    Something very Wrong Here!

  2. How To Silently More than Double your Yearly Income by Donna Kurtz.

    I heard say, Her and Michael Walkup were recently in the Bahama’s.

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