Lakewood’s 2017 – Part 9

Almost all of Lakewood Village President Paul Serwatka’s report on 2017 has been published.  This is page 9:


Lakewood’s 2017 – Part 9 — 6 Comments

  1. Property tax refund? The money was siphoned from schools, county and township in exchange for future revenue from the TIF. The money should have been sent to the government entities that should have received it. Why should residents in the dissolved TIF receive what is essentially a discount on their tax bill? Is that even legal?

  2. Skinner roasts McClellan for a postcard yet praises Serwatka for a 12 page taxpayer funded newsletter promoting himself and his personal political party? Biased much? Good riddance IL!

  3. X – disgruntled former village employee, or disgruntled former board member?

    Whatever the case, go away. Good people are at work trying to do good things for their village.

  4. Brutus, you are correct. X might have been a Bond Holder too!

  5. Serwatka cuts Village property taxes 10% and X wants to bitch about a 12-page mailer?

    Gee X, Wouldn’t it be horrible if leaders in all municipalities had 12 Pages worth of accomplishments to write to their citizens about?

    Get a life!

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