McHenry County Salaries – Le-Ma

Added later: Fair criticism has been levied that these figures include not only salaries, but fringe benefits.

The headline should have been “McHenry County Eemployee Compensation.”

The figures include not only salary, but also health benefits, vacation and sick pay, plus uniform allowance.

Finally, the second half of the alphabet.

Lewis,Elizabeth K Court Admin Spec $44,530.36
Licht,Randall Court Security – Non Union $3,505.00
Lichtenstein,Melanie A VH Admin Spec I $38,882.36
Lindner,Ronald D GUI Designer $93,928.40
Locke,Jean P Radio Dispchr – Union $76,997.00
Locke,Robert L Deputy Coroner/Investigator $60,576.12
Lockinger,Denise A PC Specialist $57,173.70
Lockinger,Peter T Maintenance Tech I $66,798.40
Lockyer,Carmine J Laundry Worker $20,904.00
Logue,Susan E Legal Admin Spec Civil $49,692.24
Lorr,Karen L. Correctional Officer – Union $115,143.12
Losurdo,Sandra Correctional Officer – Union $82,554.60
Loudenbeck,Victoria M Court/Courtroom Spec II $43,278.96
Lowrey,David W Correctional Officer – Union $115,143.12
Loyd Jr.,Scott C Correctional Officer – Union $99,490.20
Lucas,Carol J Registered Nurse $23,000.64
Lucchesi,Daniel J Correctional Officer – Union $72,910.48
Lukas,Michael R Corrections LT $126,687.20
Lumpp,Janice M Correctional Officer – Union $99,490.20
Lunsford,Shelly Accountant II $82,735.90
Lussow,Drew R Court/Courtroom Spec I $37,328.22
Lustfeldt,Christopher L Maintenance Tech II $64,988.80
Lutz,William S Deputy Sheriff LT $140,968.32
Lynch,Jaclyn G Correctional Officer – Union $77,505.68
Lynn,Anita Admin Specialist I $17,225.00
Mach,Hans D Community Development Adminis $78,520.14
Maciel,Antonio R Custodian $47,461.08
Mack,William W Merit Commission $3,900.00
Maczuga,Izabela Clerk II – Union $56,999.18
Madsen,Shirley A Accounting Assistant II $52,531.08


McHenry County Salaries – Le-Ma — 3 Comments

  1. I want to know if Madsen,Shirley A (at the bottom of the page)
    Accounting Assistant II
    $52,531.08 is any relation to Terry who currently works in IT?

  2. Two Locke’s and two Lockinger’s more family business where is the out cry county board. IT is under your authority why are you not doing something about family hiring. Why is the coroner Anne Majewski hiring family who already works
    for the County.

  3. Robert Locke was hired by Marlene Lantz and Jean Locke by Keith Nygren. What’s your issue?

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