Open House on Johnsburg Water Rate Increase

Email from Village Encouraging Residents to Contact Elected Officials

The following email was sent by the Village of Johnsburg:

Utilities Inc. is holding an open house to discuss their proposed rate increases on Wednesday, April 11th from 3PM to 8PM at Johnsburg High School.

This is an opportunity to ask questions and voice your concerns.

In follow up the Village’s previous e-blasts regarding the rate increase, residents served by the Utilities Inc. water system reached out to the Village to express their concerns.

In response, the Village sent correspondence to the ICC and State and local representatives expressing resident’s concerns and is currently working with other communities being impacted by the proposed rate increase to represent their interests before the ICC.

If you are served by the Utilities, Inc. water system and are concerned with the proposed rate increase, we encourage you to contact the ICC at  800-524-0795 and your representatives listed below.

CLICK HERE to view a copy of the letter sent to the ICC.

State Representatives
Senator Pamela Althoff,   815-455-6330
State Representative Steven Reick,  815-880-5340
State Representative Barbara Wheeler,  217-782-1664

County Board Representatives
Kay Bates,  815-276-5073
Craig Wilcox  703-201-3703
John Hammerand  818-728-0700
Charles Wheeler  815-307-8525


Open House on Johnsburg Water Rate Increase — 4 Comments

  1. Utilities Inc is also raising the water by 43% in the Walkup Woods subdivision in unincorporated Crystal lake.

  2. Does taxoholic, schlerotic Hetterman seriously think he’s the new Al Jourdan ‘fixer’ who can call the jig for hundreds of minions?

    Those days are so over!

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