Edgar County Watchdogs Sue Algonquin Township for FOIA Violations

Algonquin Township and its Road District have been sued by Edgar County Watchdogss principals Kirk Allen and John Kraft.

Woodstock Attorney Denise Anbroziak ia representing the plaintiffs.

Karen Lukasik

In sixteen counts, the suit charges the township with refusal to reply to Freedom of Information requests and willful violation of the statute.Serioius XM subscription records,

Included in the FOI requests were footage from cameras in township offices, protective orders prohibiting the production of certain information,  credit card information for Hooters,  credit card billings, credit card reward post redemptions, Verizon phone records, 8-8-2008 agenda and board minutes of a meeting held at the Chesapeake Seafood Restaurant in Springfiekld, records of who received gift card purchased with American Express and Visa credit cards,  personal reimbursements made to the township for credit card purchases, subpoenas receive, township officials’ salary setting resolutions, copies of records current Township Clerk removed from Supervisor’s and Road Cmmisioner’s offices, Robetr Miller’s annul reports and Robert Miller sick day accumulation letter from Tom Schober, digital images of public records taken by current Clerk, Supervisor and Road Commissioner, emails for four years from all email accounts used by Robert Miller, agreements with Liberty  Signs, commuter IT service invoiced from Jan. 1, 2017, through May 15, 2017, plus the same for the last five years.


Edgar County Watchdogs Sue Algonquin Township for FOIA Violations — 29 Comments

  1. Cal I think you intended to state that Denise Ambroziak is the lawyer representing the watchdogs.

  2. Well passed time and hopefully not the last that we’ll see of this.

  3. The corruption continues rampant thru township goverment like Condon hiring nunda township buddy lesperance kid or relative what or who is related to Condon gets hired by rusty mike the nepotism continues. Turn it over to the trustees stop the corruption

  4. Amazon purchases with no back up ALL gifts keep digging restitution in the millions is in order

  5. And Algonquin Township is like, YAY more money for attorneys! And the taxpayers are thrilled. More lawsuits and all the attorneys are happy!

  6. Thrilled my service will be cut for lack of funds, and the lawyers benefit.
    The Dog’s create a problem by asking for a ton of FOIA request some 20 years old, and for info they already have leaked to them which has appeared on their web page?
    Happy Days!

  7. So, Nob, I guess requiring compliance with the law through legal means (i.e., FOIA) is a bad thing since it affects you personally in some unspecified way?
    Robin, what is it you’re afraid of them uncovering?
    BTW, if your pals in the township did their job from the outset and complied with the law then this suit would not be required, would it?

  8. The SA and FBI I hear from Rachael are on the job.
    Let them do their J O B and stop the unnecessary waste of tax $$$$$$ on lawsuits.

  9. Yipeee! But please don’t give the case to the Judge Schlemiel! Or the nitwit that drops loaded guns in post offices. What about the ‘Major’?

  10. Sounds like conspiracy to cover up illegal activities.
    Lukasik will be going to prison, it’s just a matter of time.
    Who else was she colluding with ?

  11. Nob, it is not the job of the SA or FBI to satisfy FOIA requests.
    The purpose for which the request is being made is not relevant.
    So how about have the clerk do her J-O-B and a lawsuit becomes unnecessary.
    It’s your clerk who is putting the funding for your precious, unspecified services at risk.

  12. The need for the Dogs, Cal, NWH, and etc for FOIA is so they can play judge and jury, our hero’s.
    Sorry the Donald holds that coveted title.
    They say they’re concerned about waste, yet are causing waste.
    If the SA or FBI want more info, let them ask and she sure should not falter on any of her elected duties.

  13. the nob must be one of the Miller sons-in-law. But wait, they’re illiterate, so it cant be them!

  14. the nob is too old to be a son-in-law. I think he’s just really stupid and delusional. Hence the reason you confused him with the family.

  15. Poor little Lukasik, she’s gonna fry! Supervisor Lutzkow won’t save her.

  16. Oh oh, now the I once friends of the complicate daughter has now become the pitbull, ship sunk

  17. Nob- you ignorant fool! The purpose of FOIA is to provide for open and honest government, to allow the people access to records so that the electorate (the people) can see what is going on in local government. The reality is that we the people want open and accountable government! vigilance is the price of freedom and we should all be greatful the watchdogs are looking into Algonquin Township.

  18. This is on Facebook CGP page,
    “Rachael Lawrence: There was a 175-page lawsuit/complaint filed yesterday by the Edgar County Watchdogs detailing (alleged) 16 counts of FOIA non-compliance by the Algonquin Township Clerk. I wonder how much this one will cost.”

    Almost 11 pieces of paper per complaint.

  19. Same thing, same person speaking,
    “Rachael Lawrence Robin Mohr the State’s Attorney is not prosecuting anything. In fact, I just got off the phone with Pat, and he told me directly that he “rests it in the capable hands of the FBI.””

  20. Rachael Lawrence will be proposing changing AT like McH Twh is by voting to eliminate the Road Dist and put control of roads under the township board.
    I support this effort even if it doesn’t save a dime.
    Better over sight I’d hope, and eliminate any chance of electing a loser in the future.
    Perfect in everyway.

  21. Reminder: Robin Mohr (aka Nob) does not speak on behalf of me, my plans, or the Algonquin Township Board–in case there is any confusion. If any person wishes to discuss official business with me, they are welcome to contact me at [email protected]

  22. IF it is true that the SA is stepping aside for the FBI – we are in really big trouble.

  23. If the states attorney can’t see a crime here he is blind and a cronie. Who will be running for states attorney?

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