McHenry County Salaries – Ma-Ma

Added later: Fair criticism has been levied that these figures include not only salaries, but fringe benefits.

The headline should have been “McHenry County Eemployee Compensation.”

The figures include not only salary, but also health benefits, vacation and sick pay, plus uniform allowance.

Madsen,Terry Systems Analyst $98,699.80
Magana,Leticia Office Assistant II $20,311.20
Magee,Cindy L P & D Office Manager $68,052.66
Maier,Christopher A Correctional Officer – Union $60,007.40
Majewski,Anne L County Coroner $111,897.04
Maldonado,Edwin H Detective – Union $122,032.72
Males III,Frank A. Corrections SGT $114,718.48
Mallek,Sherry L Certified Nursing Asst I $43,678.08
Mandernack,Kyle W. Deputy – Union $112,588.48
Manoli,Katryna B Correctional Officer – Union $60,007.40
Manriquez,Mayte I Registry – CNA $5,105.10
Mansoor,Syed A Construction Engineer I $51,674.70
Marino,Sandra Lee Legal Admin Spec Misdemeanor $55,748.58
Markison,Edward C Maint Superintendent $109,075.20
Markowski,Ryan Probation Off III $57,143.46
Maron,Taylor E Business Analyst $58,753.04
Marroquin,Victor Marine Patrol I $9,956.70
Marshall,Michael L Food Service Assistant $21,562.74
Martens,Charles H Housekeeping/Laundry Supv $66,974.08
Martin,Audrey Administrative Specialist III $58,221.30
Martin,Joshua DOT Maint Worker $56,798.40
Martin,Rebecca E Registry – CNA $7,150.00
Martinez,Victoria R Registry – CNA $7,142.85
Martinez-Szewczyk,Lydia M Public Health Nurse FCM $88,776.42
Martoccio,Colleen T Data/Communications Specialist $77,881.44
Marvel,Christopher J. Detective – Union $122,032.72
Marvel,Julie M Registered Nurse $90,289.12
Marzano,William F Process Server – Union $49,005.60
Mason,Kevin M Correctional Officer – Union $108,612.00
Mason,Sue Anne Probation Off III $84,225.72


McHenry County Salaries – Ma-Ma — 4 Comments

  1. There he is right at the top!
    Thanks for posting this Cal.
    Terry Madsen Systems analyst? Try Kathy Schultz’s Fucng cousin.
    Kathy Schultz made Terry her Deputy Clerk, Now Making $98,699.80
    By posting this information individually, People cant see the relation to nepotism/patronage hiring!
    What’s up with the small font? using this to protect your friends Cal?
    Kathy Schultz’s Son Tim and Daughter-in-law also currently work for the county, Yet Cal never talks about that!

  2. Ed or Mary (a/k/a County employee) get over it. You lost (that you never should have won anything in the first place goes without saying)!

  3. Interesting!
    It seems we’ve struck a nerve here!
    So This is what it takes to get a Big sign up at the Admin Building with your name on It, Or a tree planted in your name?
    Kathy Schultz Hired her whole family cousin, Nieces, Nephews, Husbands, Both of them one which worked in Maintenance..
    The Auditors sister, some past some present but we shouldn’t talk about Tim Schultz being hired at the county because of his mother.
    John whine, or AKA Tim Schultz, read it and weep for now your a full grown Pu$$y!

  4. I like how everyone that post on here that does not agree with the crazy right wingers is aka Ed/Mary.
    The facts are this simple. Mary did a great job As Clerk, she chose not to run for clerk and that is a sad thing for McHenry County. I do think you people who like to blame everything on her are going to have to find a new hobby.

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