Official Primary Election Vote Totals Available

Information on McHenry County Clerk’s Website

Michael Rein

The offical results of the 2018 primary election are now available.

You can find the results here.

In D5 Michael Rein maintained victory with 9 more votes then the third candidate.

Chuck Wheeler

Charles Wheeler’s victory margin grew over unofficial totals in D4.

Tonya Franklin

Seneca 1 precinct committeeman write-in candidate Tonya Franklin garnered 29 votes.





Official Primary Election Vote Totals Available — 8 Comments

  1. Althoff or Franks: Both Lie, Both cheat, Both are fakes, Both had plastic surgery!

  2. Althoff just like to swan around like she’s important. Why’d she leave Springfield? Well, it was time to go.

    She can drink to her heart’s content now and not worry about a DUI ….. but that’s what Tina Hill thought, too.

  3. The pics remind me of the 3 stooges, Here we have Curly, Curly and Hairy.
    The Ape in the Middle is Hairy.
    Oh, Tonya, the Barbra Streisand look went out waaaaaaaaay too Long ago Honey.
    Where’s Will cocks when you need him, I bet he could weigh in on these three Morphadites.

  4. Jason? That’s ridiculous. Who are you to tell others what is in style? Your comment is worthless as is your opinion.

  5. So Jason what is it you don’t like about Wheeler or Rein? Something in their voting record? Or are you just here to spew stupid remarks?

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