Both Party’s Chairmen Retiring

Mike Bissett

April 18th will be an interesting night.

That the date both the Republican and Democratic Parties will hold conventions to select who whill lead them for the next two years.

Long-time Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissett is not running for re-election as Precinct Committeeman, so he is ineligible to remain as County Chairman.  In his Grafton Township Precinct 12, his wife, the  McHenry County Board’s only Democrat Paula Yensen, is taking over the reins.

Sandra Salgado

Sandra Salgado, the Republicans Chairman is also not running for re-election.  No one is running in her McHenry Township Precinct 32.

In the Republican Party, McHenry County College Board Vice Chairman and former County Board member is actively seeking the Chairmanship.

My guess is that a Bernie Sanders supporter will capture the ring in the Democratic Party convention.



Both Party’s Chairmen Retiring — 21 Comments

  1. Sunshine blogger, could you survey how many sunshine commenters would support me for the Democratic Party Chairman position before formally announcing my candidacy? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. This is good news that Republicans Chairman Sandra Salgado is not running for re-election. She has done absolutely nothing as Republicans Chairman and became a grave disappointment.

  3. Her Patronage $100k wages with $900 clothing allowance job with the Sheriff didn’t help the GOP either.

  4. The up coming chairman for the republican party will also be a bag of wind

  5. The local Democrat Party should consider aligning with their radical leadership at the national level as exemplified by their leader Tom Perez and Deputy Keith Ellison.

    But, the overall real leader of the Democrat Party still is Hillary Clinton. The fact that she was selected to run for president, in spite of her horrific record as Secretary and her absolute recklessness with regard to top secret U.S. information in her email fiasco, shows how misguided and inept were the top Democrats at the Convention.

  6. I support Mr. Llavonda for Dem Party Chairman.

    Let the kookiness reign supreme. The reductio ad absurdum!

    The Democratic Party will fracture between two factions. One lead by the Bolshevik Jew, Biss. One lead by the Capitalistic Jew, Pritzker.

    Who does Llavonda choose?

  7. Pam Althoff is also rumored to be interested in the GOP position.

  8. Isn’t it bad enough that name recognition, not record, has kept Althoff politically alive for all these years? Now we’re stuck with her on the County Board “bringing her leadership home”. Enough is enough…get someone who actually will show some leadership.

  9. Althoff is bad for McHenry County.

    Bad for Illinois.

    And bad for the world!

    She can have liquor delivered to her door now, so everything’s fine.

  10. In the spirit of sunshine insightful political commentary, I denounce the attacks against Sandra Salgado as proof of anti-Latino sentiment. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  11. I think Sandy worked hard at a difficult job…trying to keep the different factions of the party together. She was honest and had a refreshingly positive attitude. Thanks Sandy for all the time you put into a thankless job.

  12. Happy Retirement to them both. Who is leading both the parties now? Neither of these two are present.

  13. Nice job Angel she isn’t Latino Moron!! And I would like to ask watcher who should be the leader of the party? Paula Yensen being the new Chairman for Dems will run everything through Jack but Jack still needs Republicans to have any seat for the County! Whoever does become GOP Chair better start telling the Republicans who Jack Franks really is. He won’t have a chance if Republicans don’t vote for him Countywide.

  14. Hey Angel, I’m Hispanic, too. A real one. It only took 198 Conquistadores to bring down the Aztec Empire of 2.1 million.

    — Only 97 and 43 horsemen to conquer the vast Incan Empire of 3.7 million.

    Don’t forget it!

    The great Pizarro equestrian statue in Lima. It ain’t coming down!!!

    Your monuments to Castro will all be melted down by 2025.

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