Edgar County Watchdogs File Lawsuit Against Algonquin Township & Road District

The following is posted with the permission of the Edgar County Watchdogs.

Algonquin Township and Road District facing FOIA Lawsuit

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

ECWd filed our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit this week against the Algonquin Township and Road District.  After months of non-compliance from our FOIA requests it became crystal clear the Township Clerk and keeper of the records, Karen Lukasik, has no intention of compliance with the law.

Karen Lukasik

The suit outlines 16 separate violations that date back to November of last year. Lukasik has been unable to comply with even the most basic of request to include ignoring requests and citing unduly burdensome.

Once we recieve our file stamped copy we will update the article to include it as a downloadable link.
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Edgar County Watchdogs File Lawsuit Against Algonquin Township & Road District — 17 Comments

  1. The cover up of unlawful activities instigated, aided and abetted by Lukasik moves on
    to the next phase of eventual exposure.
    Not a matter of if, but when.

  2. Great to see the Watchdogs wasting taxpayer dollars.
    I hear Bob Miller bought Burger King on occasison for staff! Can you FOIA his receipts and see if he liked pickles on Whopper or plain?


  3. Great day in the Morning!

    Why is there no McHenry County watchdogs?

    Are the people here so dumbed down they can’t figure out how they’re being ripped off by “The Jackal,” aka “the Great & Power Oz,” aka Jack ‘The Ripper” Franks, and all the local crooks like the Miller crime family, Clerk Lukasik, aka Karen ‘The Maven” Luka-SICKO”, various degenerates like Provenzano and and a certain McHenry Co. Big City Mayor who put both his doting Mother and adoring boyfriend on the municipal payroll, etc.?

    Thank you Edgar County Watchdogs! Maybe we should all move to Edgar Co. where things are done right!

    Too bad it’s still in the sinking state of Illinois captained by a rotten faker (fakir?) who whines he’s ‘not in charge!’

  4. The nitwit who calls himself ‘the Spotlight’ is almost certainly a township stooge, could be Miller himself.

    I just hope he’s not charging Nunda Township taxpayers for his time trolling here.

    Thank you Iron Mike Lesperance, Road Hog Comm’r of Nunda Township for hiring the crooked Miller and his sons-in-law.

    That’s just why townships must go! The corruption is endemic.

  5. At BK people have to actually show up to work, unlike Miller
    and his minions.

  6. This is on Facebook CGP page,
    “Rachael Lawrence: There was a 175-page lawsuit/complaint filed yesterday by the Edgar County Watchdogs detailing (alleged) 16 counts of FOIA non-compliance by the Algonquin Township Clerk. I wonder how much this one will cost.”
    Almost 11 pieces of paper per complaint.
    Kind of seems like piling on for some kind of political gain!
    Perhaps a sweet donation?

  7. Same thing, same person speaking on Facebook,
    “Rachael Lawrence Robin Mohr the State’s Attorney is not prosecuting anything. In fact, I just got off the phone with Pat, and he told me directly that he “rests it in the capable hands of the FBI.””

  8. Kenneally—biggest GOP disappointment since Rauner.

    Illinois is failing because of corruption, yet our State’s Attorneies and AG sit on their hands.

  9. She smart and very very good at what she does, all I can say is the daughter lawyer of said crook can’t hold a candle t this gal, Karen you have been sold out, going to reap the penalties, rumor has it your being served up on a platter, the Miller connection is getting less and less every day

  10. My FOIA was handled by Anna May in the Spring of 2017. I have the VM saying it was ready. I don’t know if the clerk had anything to do with filling it.

  11. Anna and Judy always did most of the FOIA work for Clerk Chuck L. and of course there wasn’t the volume there has been lately either.

  12. Response to Nob post on April 5th, 3:42 p.m. Kenneally response to R. Lawrence; he “rests it in the capable hands of the FBI.” ?translates to – States Attorney is either incapable of or unwilling to (or both) investigating Algonquin Township. Isn’t it the duty of the State’s Attorney to pursue this, especially with all of the information available? There is a memorable quote from fellow Democrat, Harry Truman, once said, “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

  13. Besides learning how to organize a McHenry County Watchdog group from those in Edgar County, our County might also learn how to vote for a reputable presidential candidate. Election results breakdown per WIKI:

    2016 72% Republican (R), 23% Democrat (D)
    2012 66% R, 33% D
    2008 54% R, 45% D
    2004 62% R, 37% D
    2000 59% R, 39% D

    The voters in Edgar County were not fooled by the liar and email thug Hillary.

  14. ONOVA: The FBI is capable and able to investigate. Do to the very reason they are FOIA ing, everything from the Township now…Ithe has caught the attention of the Federal Government. I’m glad they are…Straighting, stuff up around there.

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