McHenry County Salaries – Me-Mo

Mejia,Karla Accounting Assistant I $40,721.22
Melze,Sherry L Board of Review Alt $6,500.00
Mendoza,Mayra Office Assistant I $6,721.65
Menge,Jill M. Payroll Coordinator $48,221.40
Menneke,Kristine L. Family Case Manager $63,498.24
Mercado-Castaneda,Jacqueline Registry – CNA $5,105.10
Merchant,Carrie A Assessment Specialist I $42,385.32
Mergen,Dennis G Front Desk Associate $14,905.07
Merrell,Deanna M Deputy – Union $121,582.72
Merrill,Deborah L Financial Services Associate $79,304.02
Messer,Kim Sr. Supv PDO Attorney $93,583.90
Metnick,Mary A Attorney, Principal $89,544.32
Metropulos,Ashley O Certified Nursing Asst I $31,110.96
Meyer,Alyssa M Certified Nursing Asst I $14,411.28
Meyers,Mark A Correctional Officer – Union $106,148.88
Mikan,Tyler G Attorney, Assistant $64,972.14
Mill,Glenda K VR Elections Clerk $14,820.00
Miller,Amanda R Court/Courtroom Spec II $38,930.46
Miller,Brian C Attorney, Senior $91,492.40
Miller,Christine T Food Program Coordinator $67,811.12
Miller,Glenda L County Treasurer $138,248.78
Miller,John L Deputy Sheriff LT $131,974.08
Miller,Susan J Board of Review Alt $6,500.00
Mishler,Brian T Correctional Officer – Union $60,560.24
Mitchard,Sandra M Ex Legal Admin Spec $45,610.50
Mitchell,Jamee M Legal Admin Spec Civil $29,991.00
Mitchell,William J Certified Nursing Asst I $45,606.34
Mlekush,Gary A Court Security Ofcr – Union $56,697.28
Monahan,Rebecca R Admin Spec I/Front Desk $39,105.96
Montana,Concepcion Office Assistant II $56,692.74


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  1. You would think that with a $138K+ comp package, our County Treasurer could take advantage of the dental plan.

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