Franks Rewards Supporter

Brian Sager

Jack Franks

McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks has now put the fifth of his supporters on the public payroll.

First were the two patronage hires in contravention of County Board Rules.

Next were the two appointees to the Lake in the Hills Sanitary District Board.

Now Woodstock Mayor Brain Sager has been appointed to replace Blake Hobso on the RTA Board.

Even while a Republican Precinct Committeeman, Sager lent his name to Franks as a member of his State Representative’s fundraising “Host Committee.”

When Franks ran for Chairman, Sager was one of many mayors and village presidents who endorsed him.

Criticized for doing so while being a GOP Committeeman, Sager resigned from that post.

The selection does not require confirmation by the McHenry County Board.


Franks Rewards Supporter — 18 Comments

  1. At least Sager did the honorable thing while Lockhardt refused.

  2. Not a great job on the photo cropping.

    You should always strive to showcase Jack’s chins in all of their glory.

  3. not being privy to the salaries involved …how much money are these 5 guys costing the county…yearly? where does this money come from?
    Inquiring minds need to know

  4. Must be really short on legit Franks stories if Cal is running a lead about a sign from two years ago in a yard and now Franks doing his job appointing someone to a committee. You can disagree with the pick – I’m sure Old Man Winter, HonestIdiot and Cindy will find some sort of bigotted post why Sager is the wrong choice. #KeepingTheMcHenryCountyBlogClassy /s

  5. Didn’t Sager resign as a GOP Committeeman bc he swooned over the election of Trump?

    Why doesn’t Sager just open another gay bar in WDSTK. Perv-Provenzano can use a giant scissors to cut the ribbon for the opening!

    But a lot of the old Queens Sager used to consort with are po’d at little Brian, mostly bc the black and Mex gangs have taken over their cruising haunts on the square and by the RR tracks, and rob ’em, plus their Bull Valley estates are getting the hell property taxed out them.

  6. Great, now Sager can be a quadruple-dipper?

    Feel free to correct me if that is wrong. Sager?

  7. One creeps advances another.

    Ordinary citizens lose. What’s new?

  8. How much time does the new RTA appointee spend in a tanning bed?

    Orange is the new ?

  9. Cal conveniently leaves out the fact that Jack Franks tried to end the payments for this board position when he was a representative. Or that Mr. Sager is actually quite qualified for the job.

  10. Saw a picture of the Chairman smiling/laughing on the website of the local county newspaper. At first glance I thought he looked like Bill Clinton.

  11. You have to wonder about this appointment given the problem in the square. The mayor has done nothing about the huge problem of loiterers and beggars in the square. What was it that brought these people to the square? Was it possibly any policy or policies of the mayor? Does anybody know the answer?

  12. Kind of funny that Sager gets the appointment to be on the RTA Board. What was one of the things he did once he got elected last time was to go and raise taxes 1% more in his town. The roads are the some of the worst in any town in the County! The town continues to go down hill and he was the best choice? He is a past teacher that has zero real world experience and it continues to show on how he runs his town! Now Woodstock is looking into making a new TIF district or extending the one they are in! Just another reason to leave this state!

  13. But Sager welcomes Section 8 relocatees from Chicongo. But he won’t put them up in his own home.

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