Township Road Commissioners Seem To Have Death Wish

Bob Miller

The Northwest Herald continues in its campaign to point out the underside of township government.

It has concentrated on McHenry County’s largest townships, minus Grafton.

Mike Lesperance.

Although it waited a long time to look at the spending of former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller, eventually a good part of the questionable purchases have at least been mentioned.

Andrew Gasser

At least as many words have been written on successor Andrew Gasser’s legal fees to prevent implementation of the Miller-signed union contract on his way out of office, plus investigating what Gasser considers improper expenditures.

(Will we see an article soon on how what happened to Algonquin Township Road District American Express credit card expenditure rewards?)

James Condon

Recently the paper followed up on a September 11, 2017, McHenry County Blog story about Miller’s and son-in-law Derick Lee’s having been hired by Mike Lesperance, the Nunda Township Road Commissioner. Reported was not one, but both sons-in-law had been put on its payroll.

Today, the NWH plowed new ground by reporting that Miller is also on the payroll of the McHenry Township Road Commissioner, Jim Condon.

Condon, as was emphasized in his election campaign, is a Professional Engineer.

Hiring Miller as a consultant certainly sends a mixed message.

Will Grafton Township be next for a negative NWH article? (Hint: see McHenry County Blog article published March 26, 2018.)


Township Road Commissioners Seem To Have Death Wish — 16 Comments

  1. Condon is DOA …. he was Provenzano’s near-neighbor and selectee for Roadway Comm’r !

    Really that should tell you something!

  2. I’m hardly a NWH booster, but I wonder if they may possibly have some info that somebody doesn’t want out.

    Just who are the ‘police’????? ….. local CL cops? Northern IL Drug task force? FBI? McHenry SA office investigators? (yeah, real likely, ha!) State Police? Atty Gen. investigators? US Marshals? ATF? McHenry Conservation Dist. Police? Treasury Dept? DEA?

  3. Thes Road Hogs are above the law and flout their corruption for all to see.

    They think they’re immune from criticism or removal and act like little kings.

    Condon is worse than Miller on many, many levels.

  4. What’s creepier Township Road Commissioners or Stephen King’s “It”?

    Ans: The Road Rip Offs, because they are REAL!

  5. Read the article from the Huntley Patch, why don’t you?

    It turned out that it was a suspicious package that was found to be nothing at all.

    What was not stated in the Patch was that it actually was a copy of Monday’s Chicago Tribune, obviously placed there so that Northworst Herald staffers could see what a newspaper looked like.

  6. Honest? The suspicious package was found to be “The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation” by Jane Strauss.

  7. Stever Koeber was the one who got Nick P to sponsor the NDS act that expanded county and townships roads program.

  8. These guys are slime Condon hires a lesperance too all connected all the reason to eliminate and consolidate why is it people like condon and Adams complete failures in real world end up at the public trough 5 lawsuits against mchenry township since these two been bellying up

  9. My favorite line in this article, “Today, the NWH plowed new ground by”. Thanks for the chuckle.

  10. Hey, start using Condon’s self-presented title: KING Condon!

    A king condon btw is much like its cousin the king cobra, but it’s far more venomous and sneakier.

    The king condons of Malaya have been known to slither into native huts and bite sleeping infants.

    It’s the only known reptile that kills for sport.

    And worse, they bite w/o the slightest provocation!

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