McHenry County Salaries – Ro-Sa

Rohn,James M Workforce Development Spec $50,407.72
Rolewski,Gregory Correctional Officer – Union $101,800.08
Romero,Haley A Cook $33,891.31
Romo,Elsa Food Service Assistant $34,266.72
Rondorf,Katherine J. Office Assistant II $22,917.44
Rose,Andrew D Maintenance Supervisor $87,927.84
Rose,Richard A Maintenance Tech III $80,089.60
Rosenquist,Kurt E Court Security Ofcr – Union $69,416.32
Ross,David G. Correctional Officer – Union $94,909.80
Ross,Robert H Chief Cnty Assess Officer $137,880.08
Rotes,Matthew K Corrections SGT $103,479.40
Royales,Russell T Corrections SGT $110,369.68
Rucker,Bobby J Mailroom Coordinator $56,938.08
Rucker,Kimberly S Front Desk Associate $24,152.06
Ruda,Mark A Board of Review Chr $31,676.74
Rudolph,Jennifer Ann Correctional Officer – Union $99,490.20
Rugg,Dawn M Office Assistant II $13,474.50
Ruiz,Kevin Probation Off II $52,084.20
Ruschke,Tamara A Custodian II $30,798.96
Rustile,Janet C. Administrative Specialist III $55,436.58
Ryan,Lisa M SAO Admin Manager $65,000.00
Ryan,Mark R. Correctional Officer – Union $106,148.88
Rynes,Judith A. Circuit Clerk Manager $75,024.06
Sabol,Alan F Deputy Sheriff SGT $121,823.68
Salas,Alejandro PC Specialist $58,940.82
Salas,Elizabeth Office Assistant II $18,677.45
Salgado,Sandra F. Assistant Administrator $110,345.48
Salois,Jennifer M Court/Courtroom Spec II $41,902.56
Salomon,Sarah N Water Resource Engineer $56,466.44
Sampson,Matthew S Intern $3,377.09


McHenry County Salaries – Ro-Sa — 2 Comments

  1. Salgado,Sandra F.
    Assistant Administrator

    Before Sandra came to work at McHenry County, she wasn’t qualified to be a Walmart greeter.

  2. Question!
    Who was it that said, we help you get Elected and you give our girl Sandra a job?

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