HB 4243 Passes House Unanimously

A press release from the Illinois General Assembly:

IL House Approves Rep. McSweeney Bill Banning State Funds from Being Used to Silence Sexual Harassment Claims Against Legislators

Springfield, IL – The Illinois House yesterday unanimously approved a measure sponsored by State Rep. David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) to prevent the use of state funds from being used to protect state legislators from sexual harassment accusers.

Last fall, hundreds of female legislators, lobbyists, and staff signed onto a letter revealing information about Springfield’s culture of sexual harassment.

Dave McSweeney

In addition, news reports have revealed that some Congressmen used a federal fund that made payments to persons making allegations of harassment against members of Congress.

‎”The idea of taxpayers money potentially being used to buy silence in sexual harassment cases against Illinois legislators is an affront to taxpayers,” McSweeney said.

“As we learn more about cases of sexual harassment in Springfield, we need to be proactive in making sure our tax dollars are not being used to cover up incidents of harassment and abuse.”‎

The legislation, House Bill 4243, prohibits the use of public funds to facilitate a payout of money to buy silence or inaction related to allegations or investigations of sexual harassment by a member of the General Assembly

The House approved HB 4243 by a vote of 113-0. It now moves to the Illinois Senate for further consideration where it is sponsored by Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park).


HB 4243 Passes House Unanimously — 8 Comments

  1. This is a sign of how depraved our State Legislature has become. We need a law for this??

    Keep in mind that one of those depraved critters (my opinion) is now the County Board Chair and it appears he will have one of his co-depraved legislators joining him next year!

  2. What?? This is insane! We have to pass laws to make the legislature understand personal responsibility? Who knew elected “officials” were this dumb! Out of towner is right, but depraved is cleaning it up quite a bit.

  3. Great. Now we can move on to the other 15,000 or so ways our money is squandered.

  4. It instead of worrying about the perverts we elect, why doesn’t McSweeney and these staunch conservatives propose legislation on entitlement reform and bending the cost curve of state government. Doing anything else is just arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  5. Il taxpayers have been taking it up the ass for years.
    I haven’t said a word. Where’s my check?

  6. On second thought, someone should get the list that they are becoming so “proactive” over. Do not forget this is the land of Hastert!

  7. This is the land of perverts, sex offenders, terrorists and misfits. They are right here in your own home town. They pose themselves as servents of the people. However, they are only serving their own interest and perversions. BEWARE!!!

  8. Sunshine blogger, aware of your unconditional commitment to fair journalism, we expect you tomorrow at the Woodstock Square to report on the protest of the 2017 republican tax scam and the filthy policies of tronald dump. Beyond drinking liberally, you may even get some liberal ice cream. See you there. Say that again? You can’t make it because of your church responsibilities? Got it, got it…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

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