Township Assessment Multipliers Approved by State

The factors by which local real estate tax assessments will be increased or decreased prior to the issuance of tax bills have been released by the Illinois Department of Revenue.

They are displayed below:


Township Assessment Multipliers Approved by State — 5 Comments

  1. Wow. Grafton was at 30.27% in 2017. Wasn’t the lying, formerly double dipping with Boone County, Grafton Township assessor supposed to be the most accurate in the land? He’ll probably figure some way to polish that turd. Of course with that three year average and some adjustments, he’ll just barely get over that IDOR threshold. Wish he’d just gone off to Boone. Let him be their headache.

  2. Rifleman is the real loser! He’s grammatically challenged.

    And everybody in McHenry Township will lose real big if Bob Anderson, a mere barbor, gets his stupid wish to consolidate the extremely well run McHenry Township Road District with the misrun McHenry Township. No offense to the Supervisor of the township who at least tries to speak reason to the losers making up the majority of the board and clerk’s office.

    It’s a pity the Supervisor doesn’t take charge of the Board meetings as he should and shut down the loser ‘trustees’ who can’t be trusted. Supervisor must also fire the township attorney who’s sold out to the loser-Board.

    Exercise some leadership Mr. Adams before it’s too late and everybody blames you for not being forceful enough in explaining how Anderson’s hair-brained schemes will send McHenry Township back to the Stone Age with NO ROADS!!!

  3. Townships must live. Sounds like you’re afraid of losing some township favor. It certainly won’t be the roads! It’s time to close the door on the township road commissioner’s kingdom. Anderson is right on.

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