McHenry County Salaries – Sh-Sm

Heading down the home stretch.

Shattuck,Josie L Specialty Crt Case Mgr $52,773.24
Shaver,Cheryl Ann Correctional Officer – Union $108,612.00
Shea,Justin T Probation Off II $51,273.96
Sheahan,Brandon J DOT Maint Worker $48,520.00
Shefcik,Sarah A Certified Nursing Asst I $13,782.60
Sheibley,Karen M Legal Admin Spec Misdemeanor $32,196.24
Sheldon,Justine C Associate Director $109,266.98
Sherman,Ryan R Deputy – Union $95,737.80
Shetley,Robin L Chief Deputy Circuit Clerk $97,493.50
Shields,Gloria K Registry – RN $15,600.00
Shreeves,Mark L Process Server – Union $60,982.08
Sibilski,Peter J Sr. Network Engineer $80,159.84
Sinderson,Francine Investment Coordinator $66,735.24
Singer,Joshua T Deputy – Union $112,588.48
Sinitean,Randy N Technology Specialist $51,090.00
Sink,Nicolet V Animal Control Officer I $42,164.22
Sippl,Megan M PDO Attorney $68,595.30
Sitkie,Daniel P Corrections LT $124,224.08
Sjoberg,Kimberly L Asst Cook/Food Service Worker $43,476.58
Skala,Michael J County Board Member $49,813.92
Skamra,Carla J. Recording Spec II $49,692.24
Sklar,Colleen M Court/Courtroom Spec II $42,573.72
Skonieczny,Diana L LPN $90,465.12
Skonieczny,Wayne J Board of Review Alt $6,500.00
Skowronski,Elizabeth A Asst Maintenance Supt $85,438.72
Skrypek,Carolin S Deputy – Union $101,349.40
Slavin,Lori J Legal Admin Spec Felony $42,869.46
Slavin,Traci L Court/Courtroom Spec I $23,887.50
Slovacek,Mark F Court Security Ofcr – Union $71,891.52
Smith,Ashley L Registered Nurse $88,093.92


McHenry County Salaries – Sh-Sm — 4 Comments

  1. We have two Schultz on the payroll that use to be three. Make no mistake McHenry County has cousins and family of Schultz spread throughout our system. Patronage hiring is alive and well in McHenry County. The dirty little secret is we only talk about it when it is politically motivated.

  2. Let’s review what the Board members are paid by the taxpayers before everyone moves on:
    Bates,Katherine V $20,999.94
    Spoerl,Christopher R $20,999.94
    Yensen,Paula E $20,999.94
    Wilcox,Craig A $21,646.98
    Nowak,Robert C $29,139.96
    Rein,Michael R $31,315.14
    Heisler,James L $33,465.66
    Smith,Larry W $33,465.66
    McCann,Mary $33,465.72
    Walkup,Michael J $33,465.72
    Barnes,Yvonne M. $39,726.18
    Wilbeck,Thomas W $40,498.02
    Hammerand,John D $40,498.08
    Aavang,Michele R $42,374.16
    Gottemoller,Joseph $43,282.74
    Kopsell,Donald C $43,282.74
    Reinert,John J $43,282.74
    Thorsen,Jeffrey T $43,282.74
    Wheeler,Charles S $43,282.74
    Jung Jr,John P $43,282.80
    Kurtz,Donna M $43,282.80
    Christensen,Chris $49,813.86
    Kearns,James A $49,813.86
    Skala,Michael J $49,813.92

    Franks, Jack D. $104,050.24

    I do believe Kearns and Skala are business owners just like Franks. Why are we, the taxpayers funding their extremely expensive health insurance???

  3. Does Christensen work for an insurance company? Must get a better deal from McHenry County taxpayers.

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