Environmental Defenders Support Solar Farms

Woodstock, IL – April 13,  2018 –The Environmental Defenders of McHenry County supports the sustainable opportunity that community solar farms represent here in McHenry County and invites the public to review its “Position on Community Solar Farms” paper located on the organization’s website: www.mcdef.org.

The direct link for the position paper is: http://mcdef.org/wp-content/uploads/Solar-Farms-Position-Paper-4.11.18.pdf.

The Environmental Defenders recognize the need for society to embrace clean forms of energy and move away from energy that produces pollution, contaminates water, and degrades the planet’s environmental health.

To this end, we welcome the opportunity for McHenry County to support community solar farms and hope to play a role in helping the projects provide the greatest environmental benefits.

Just as agricultural crops convert energy from the sun into energy we consume as food, solar farms convert the sun’s energy into a clean form of electrical energy we use to power our daily lives.

Local community solar farms provide opportunities for residents and businesses to access clean renewable energy without having to install solar power infrastructure on their own.

Properly designed community solar farms in McHenry County will provide a stackable set of benefits to our community.

These include a local, clean energy source, habitat for declining pollinators and other wildlife, the rebuilding of our soil, infiltration areas to recharge our vital groundwater reserves, reductions in runoff from plowed fields, and improvements in downstream water quality.

Prairie solar farms will also be peaceful, quiet, and odorless neighbors.

To learn more about community solar, please go to CUB Community Solar Farms Fact Sheet: https://citizensutilityboard.org/community-solar-illinois/.


Environmental Defenders Support Solar Farms — 8 Comments

  1. What about wind farms ?
    No shortage of political blowhards to take advantage of here
    in McHenry county to power them.
    Phat Jack could power the whole county by himself – free power for all !

  2. Let’s be clear these are not farms but an industrial use of property to generate electricity .the land will be ruined for farming.they need to be honest about what they really are and tax them as an industry not as farm ground.

  3. Who pays the “upfront costs of installation”? Is it the Solar Panel Fairy?

    Yea, lets keep spending a $1,000 for every $1 of benefit, so these f’wits can pat themselves on the back for being green.

  4. Grumpy Grandpa is correct.

    The so called solar farms that want to be built on McHenry County farmland is
    industrialized use of some of the most productive cropland in the world.

    The availability factor of a solar power plant at Latitude 42-15’33” N of McHenry County
    is just ridiculous at 14-16% by my calculation.

    This is nothing more than a multi-level tax dodge.

  5. Solar and wind power are best used as an adjunct in small local projects rather than in large utility scale projects.

    Until there are some huge advances in energy storage technology, solar and wind power both need to be backstopped by on demand power generation that typically requires the burning of fossil fuels.

    This requires spending a lot of money a grid with far more capacity than we would otherwise need.

    The best current solution for power generation is nuclear power, but the lefties don’t like that.

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