Chuck Wheeler Running for Vice Chairmanship of GOP Central Committee

Chuck Wheeler

Diane Evertsen

McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler, re-nominated despite opposition from allies of Democratic Party Board Chairman Jack Franks is seeking the Vice Chairmanship of the County Republican Party.

Two post cards have been sent to Precinct Committeemen in his campaign.

The first was a declaration of candidacy:

Shannon Teresi

Karen Tirio

In it, Wheeler tells of serving as GOP Treasurer for the last four years.

The second post card supports the candidacy of

  • Diane Evertsen for Party Chairman
  • Shannon Teresi for Treasurer and
  • Karen Tirio for Secretary:


Chuck Wheeler Running for Vice Chairmanship of GOP Central Committee — 25 Comments

  1. I hope he and Diane Evertson both get elected.

    It would be a welcome change to have real Republicans leading the party.

  2. Rolling out the red carpets for the Blue Wave.

    Maybe the Midwest Minutemen can save us!!!

  3. Wow I had to read then re-read the lead in paragraph to make sure Jack Franks wasn’t running for chairman of the GOP….
    there can be no better board than Diane Evertson. Chuck Wheeler..Shannon Teresi and Karen Tirio…Looking forward to a bright GOP future

  4. Yes Bill Matteson, you have some winners to look forward to . . .

  5. Pillbox, newsflash, the ‘blue wave’ has been here since the days of Al Jourdan. Dems who came out here from Crook County and ran as Republicans to win our Republican elections. These folks are the real deal.

  6. Diane will make a great Chairperson. She does the work of 10 people and is approachable, knowledgable and believes in sharing education and moving PC’s upward-much like Stan Bond in Kane Co. That’s how we’ll grow. As Candidate for Chairwoman I’m sure she already has a plan. Unlike the old guard who believed in keeping PC’s as their personal patronage wannabe’s growing the party only thru political favors. Yes, I’ve been around long enough to know how the Jordan crowd worked to stay in power (not grow the party with quality people)

  7. As there is ZERO GOP leadership at the State level thanks to Raunchy Rauner and his prize-stooges,

    —these are the people to take charge locally …. Joe Goat-mauler will wrap up everything in a pretty donkey paper for his Master, “the Jackal”.

  8. Diane Evertson is better than Mr. Potato Head Daniels, but hey, that’s not saying too much!

    Really, though Diane would be GREAT. What happened to Sen. Pam the scam, of ERA shame?

  9. Stan Bond is running for Statewide GOP Leadership. He’s one I’d vote for.

  10. Just so it’s CHUCK Wheeler and and not the sad sack BARB Wheeler.

  11. Just observing:

    The other group is 3 women and one man.
    Three Caucasians, one Black.
    Three working people, one Retiree.
    One Senior, two middle aged, one younger.
    Two local business owners, one wife of a local business owner.
    Three heavily involved in local GOP and one somewhat newcomber PC, and Candidate.
    Two county employees (County Board, Acting Co. Auditor) and all four are county volunteers (PC, MCC Trustees, Dorr Leadership, Current County GOP Treasurer, Current County GOP Secretary-Acting Chairperson)
    Three Elected, one taking over vacated elected position and will be running in Nov for an elected countywide position.

    The other group has three men and one woman
    Three caucasians, one Middle Easterner (Mark Daniel)
    All approx the same age group.
    None are heavily involved in the GOP but all are the minimum requirement of being PCs (with exception of Tamara being Sec of Norwest)
    Two elected paid positions (county board and township hwy cmsnr) and two regular working people.

  12. Daniels really?

    What did happen to darling Pamela, our comatose state senator?

    She’s there in the grass, like a leopardess, ready to strike. Daniels is just a put-up sort.

    He’s not really that bad, just mismanaged by Mr. G., much like a child.

  13. Dear Fellow Precinct Committeemen and Candidates,

    I would like to be a part of the county leadership central committee team. If nominated, I would appreciate your vote. When our Chairman in Dorr Township left town I bacame chairman. I held meetings, obtained postage /supply assistance for PCs, offered proofreading for PC letters, asked permission to submit Letters to the blog, held candidate forums that extended to statewide candidates – all with no money in our budget! While chairman, I was also able to recruit 2 PCs and assisted another in getting elected. All three are quality individuals who are looking to do more! They’ll be volunteering to run for Leadership positions within Dorr Township!

    If I am fortunate enough to be nominated and then elected as County GOP Secretary, you have my pledge that I will gladly work with anyone who is chosen as Leadership. The time for building bridges is long overdue within our Party. I’m just a board within a bridge. We need all other necessary and flexible parts to make it possible to usher our Republicans past the finish line. We should never expect perfection but continually look toward improvement.

    Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to seeing you at Convention tomorrow night,
    Karen Tirio

  14. Dear Republicans,

    Chuck can’t even spell the candidate he is proposing to support for Chairman. And Chuck wants your vote? How thought out is this whole affair? Ersel Shyster should run in her stead. May Cal would actually take a moment to blog about the candidate running for Chairman first versus the Vice Chair.

    Everyone Else

  15. Is This a recent pic of Karen the wife he wont hire?
    I’d say she’s a Blowin up a Bit these days.
    TOO Much of the good Life!

  16. Great group! If these four are seated, the GOP leadership would finally listen to Republican’s busting their hump to campaign for GOP candidates. With Chuck, Diane, Shannon, and Karen at the helm, precinct committeeman will be flooding the ballots. That would inspire hope that the party will once again represent the resident’s.

  17. Shannon, The least you could do is cover up those Dark Roots (Way Past due for a touch up on the Dye Job honey).
    You are no more a Natural Blonde than your good friend Diane!
    Fake, fake and All FAKE!!

  18. Spotlight, you’re talking about a typo when you can’t even write an intelligible sentence? You have rendered yourself irrelevant.

  19. I think it would be a good thing if the party vice chairman could use correct spelling.
    Ya know, they have classes and teachers for this.

  20. I heard from a friend of the blog that Wheeler was all over FB spouting off like he actually has a chance to be vice chairman.
    Someone forgot to tell him that even if he could spell it’s never going to happen.

  21. @Jason Billin Just as the Media laughed at Trump…they were soon made into fools as he laughed last when he won!
    Have fun eating his shorts! LOL! Congratulations Chuck!

  22. Have to admit, I’m surprised Diane won and appointed Chuck. Pretty sure that’s how it works.
    It’s comments just like yours which keep the republican party divided.
    AND, I wont be eating anyone’s shorts my friend!
    Instead, I will be everyone here’s Biggest critic.

    Now! Get your new Vice Chairman a Tudor because It Might be a good idea if he could spell the candidate’s Names!

  23. No you’re wrong, Billin.

    Chuck was voted in just as all exec positions were.

    We could have ended up with a mix of people from both ‘Gottemoller’s illegal slate’ and the people that Chuck was recommending.

    Now who needs to be schooled?

    Looks like it’s you, again.

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