Three Women, One Man Elected to Lead McHenry County Republicans

Four elected officials have been selected to lead the McHenry County Republican Central Committee for the next two years.

Diane Evertsen

They were all from the coalition put together four years ago when Sandra Salgado won the chairmanship.

Elected Chairman to replace Salgado was Diane Evertsen, McHenry County College Trustee and former McHenry County Board member.

She stepped up from the post of Party Secretary.

The vote was 8,668 for Evertsen to 6,678 for opponent Mark Daniel.

That gave Evertsen over 60% of the total vote.

Each Precinct Committee was allowed the same number of votes as the number of Republican ballots cast in their precinct.

The Party Treasurer, McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler, was elected Vice Chairman over fellow County Board member Jim Kearns.

Wheeler tallied 8,787 votes to Kearns’ 5,975.

For Secretary, McHenry County College Board member Karen Tirio, wife of Recorder of Deeds and County Clerk candidate Joe Tirio, beat out Tammy Garzo 9,703 to 5,423.

McHenry Township Road Commissioner James Condon was expected to be nominated for Treasurer, but after Algonquin Township Trustee Rachael Lawrence was placed in nomination, McHenry County Board member Joe Gottemoller moved that Lawrence be elected by acclamation.

She was.

McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally swears in newly elected GOP officers, Karen Tirio, Secretary, Diane Evertsen, Chairman, Rachael Lawrence, Treasurer, and Chuck Wheeler, Vice Chairman.  Behind to the left is outgoing Vice Chairman Steve Rooney, who conducted the election meeting.

The four new GOP leaders were sworn in by McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally.


Three Women, One Man Elected to Lead McHenry County Republicans — 19 Comments

  1. Winds of Change to bring the Republican Party back to life and just in the nick of time.

  2. Steve Rooney did a great job tonight. The ballot process was more organized than any convention I can remember.
    Most of all, it was nice to see people from both slates getting along and having a good time. Congratulations McHenry County.

  3. The process of the election of officers went smooth and was done in a professional and moral way.
    Congratulations to all! Winners and to those in defeat.
    Even better was that people were uniting together. It is pleasant to see unity in people. Unlike what we have seen between candidates in the media these candidates are making mends and willing to work together. Even those who lost were gracious and considerate and congratulated the winners. After last primaries ugly smear campaigns, it was nice to see how considerate everybody was. It shows an election process doesn’t have to be ugly.

  4. Pretty Sure This was a Big Waste of Everybody’s Time.
    Now Diane will need to figure out what a party chairman’s job is.
    If she even had a clue, she would have picked someone that could spell to be vice chair.

  5. Has beens and never weres squabbling for control of an organization that hasn’t had real power for a decade.

  6. Jim Condon stepped down to avoid em-bare-ass- ment.

    Yeah, a treasurer who just went BK and had a foreclosed house. Now he’s a Township leach-supervisor who hired Bob Miller of Algonquin Township infamy. Won’t the township corruption ever end!

    Answer: Yes, when Townships are finally abolished!

  7. Poor Joe Gottemoler!

    Wipe the egg off your pretty lying face, Joe.

    Daniels was a ‘no go’! Kearns was a poor choice, given he’s in Jack Franks’ pocket.

    Condon? Please … he’s just another township thug and pays Bob Miller to show him how to bleed the public funds.

    Tammy G-V???? Who’s she???

    Yes, the Oakwood Hills fiasco will dog the rat, as long as I live!

  8. the convention was pretty much a success …turned out better than I could imagine….Steve Rooney did a great job as moderator ….the balloting was simple efficient and great with special thanks going to Ev Evertson and the boys from Turning Point USA….
    Also The Norwest group reformed with newly elected officers…
    I am happy to think that we Republicans can work together and move forward

  9. @ The Mrs, nice to finally put a Face to the name. Thanks for posting your pic.

    Congratulations McHenry County. MMCGA!

  10. Chuck Wheeler, county board member and past treasurer is now Vice Chairman.

    Diane Evertsen knows what it means to be county GOP Chairman.

    She’s been Acting Chairwoman for a few years now.

    Congrats to all.

  11. Who cares about the GOP locally? They do nothing in the face of anti-White agitation.

    I want to see a real party come along … maybe this guy starting the Conservative Party can do it!

  12. It’s the Conservatives who just got elected into Leadership.

  13. Make the minutekkklan great again? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  14. This photo makes me wonder if Cal selects the photos as editorial comment? Yellowed teeth, penciled-on eyebrows that are four shades lighter than the natural hair, and an angle that makes the overall grinning face resemble the Grinch makes me think so.

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