Algonquin Township Board Supports Unincorporated LITH Water Users

The following resolution was passed by the Algonquin Township Board on Tuesday night:

Resolution in Support of Township Residents Living in Unincorporated Area Connected to the Lake in the Hills Water System

WHEREAS, Algonquin Township (“Township”) exists and serves as a unit of government under the laws of the State of Illinois; and

WHEREAS, Algonquin Township residents living in an unincorporated area in the Township connected to the Village of Lake in the Hills water system have notified the Algonquin Township Board that the Village of Lake in the Hills (LITH) intends to sell water infrastructure serving 71 unincorporated homes and businesses to a private company; and

WHEREAS, the residents of the unincorporated section have been continuous customers of the water department under both private and municipal ownership for over 50 years; and

WHEREAS, the residents contributed financially to the water company through line maintenance fees and water rates over those 50+ years; and

WHEREAS, the sale of this infrastructure to a private water company may lead to estimated water cost increases of 300-500%; and

WHEREAS, such rate increases place an undue financial burden on the residents of this area.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Algonquin Township Board hereby requests that the Village of Lake In the Hills not sell the infrastructure which currently provides water to the 71 residents of unincorporated Algonquin Township and take no action on the sale of the infrastructure until such time it can be determined that water can be provided to these residents at a reasonable and affordable rate, which is consistent with water rates in the area.


Algonquin Township Board Supports Unincorporated LITH Water Users — 7 Comments

  1. WHY is Algonquin Township getting involved in this? does this set a precedent for other private residents looking to the Township to resolve their problems?

  2. Exactly. These residents asked for more time (twice) and LITH accommodated their requests. Algonquin Township has far too many of it’s own problems right now. Please don’t mis-understand this — the affected residents have legitimate concerns, and have pretty much been screwed for 40 years, but the Township has no business in this.

  3. Wow. You two are really stupid.

    You do not even understand that township governance is for your benefit.

    This is precisely what hey SHOULD do.

    This is the whole idea behind self-governance.

    You must be on that stupid bandwagon that wants to abolish local governance in favor of the big agenda and send everything UP the chain. (Where by the way you will have absolutely no control over being heard EVER.)

  4. Cindy, my point was that the affected residents need to channel their efforts to the body of government that can actually make a decision to help / not help them. That would be the Village of LITH, not Algonquin Township and the aforementioned resolution which isn’t worth the paper upon which it is printed, much less enforceable in any way. It was a nice gesture, sure; but that’s about it.

  5. The resolution from Alg. township is as effective as blowing on a dandelion. It could be seen as a kind gesture, or an “oh thank goodness their fury is directed at somebody else this time”. My enemy of my enemy is my friend?

  6. There you go again, Cal, reformatting my text. You diminish the impact of what I am saying by doing that.

  7. Towwnships must be eliminated. they and their official are useless. Most are crooks.

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