Burton Township’s Road District Would Barely Survive Abolition under McSweeney’s Bill

With only 15.69 miles of township roads, the office of Burton Township Road Commissioner would be abolished at the end of the current commissioner’s term under House Bill 4637.

A map of McHenry County showing its seventeen townships, plus municipalities. It is dated 2013.

The bill was sponsored in the Illinois House by Republican State Rep. David McSweeney and passed 80-22-1.

Burton Township is not in McSweeney’s district.

It is in State Rep. Barbara Wheeler’s, who did not vote on the measure.

It’s Senate sponsor is Democrat Terry Link, a member of the Democratic Party Leadership Team.

Miles of road in each township, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation, follow:

Agency Name
Agency Type
Alden RD Dist/Twnshp McHenry         36.28
Algonquin RD Dist/Twnshp McHenry          52.96
Burton RD Dist/Twnshp McHenry          15.69
McHenry County Conservation District RD Dist/Twnshp McHenry            5.80
Chemung RD Dist/Twnshp McHenry           31.87
Coral RD Dist/Twnshp McHenry           55.79
Dorr RD Dist/Twnshp McHenry           27.15
Dunham RD Dist/Twnshp McHenry           43.69
Grafton RD Dist/Twnshp McHenry           23.12
Greenwood RD Dist/Twnshp McHenry            42.40
Hartland RD Dist/Twnshp McHenry            41.22
Hebron RD Dist/Twnshp McHenry            37.20
Marengo RD Dist/Twnshp McHenry            36.31
McHenry RD Dist/Twnshp McHenry            83.60
Nunda RD Dist/Twnshp McHenry            91.74
Richmond RD Dist/Twnshp McHenry            32.53
Riley RD Dist/Twnshp McHenry            47.06
Seneca RD Dist/Twnshp McHenry            41.56



Burton Township’s Road District Would Barely Survive Abolition under McSweeney’s Bill — 4 Comments

  1. Nice to see this. Funny how the current Alg Com. kept stating during his campaign that there isn’t that much roadway to cover in Alg Township yet its on the high end of these…..Ignorance is bliss

  2. Once the County’s NSR program is fully completed Alg, McH, and Nunda will all have increased mileage. Alg present milage is closer to 70 now after the recent NSR additions. I hope McDOT is getting prepared to maintain the Alg 90 miles they will inherit after the vote. I hope the Alg twh residents that live on twh roads will be happy with less service.

  3. Kiss McHenry, Nunda, and Algonquin Townships goodbye if this becomes law. Even if you needed 5,000 signatures it will be done.

    Some people on this blog never cease to amaze.

    Oh, I blame Gasser.

  4. Revise the law to make it 50 miles or less … not 15!

    Townships steal our money!

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