Park District Bails Out SportsPlex

That’s what appears to be happening in St. Charles.

This sign on Randall Road points to the facility that the St. Charles Park District plans to purchase.

St. Charles Park District buys sports complex to enhance indoor recreation

St. Charles Park District has acquired Sportsplex, a 62,500-square-foot facility that officials believe fulfills a need for indoor recreational opportunities. Full Story

Sounds like what happened in Crystal Lake when the Park District bought the tennis club on Route 31 near Virginia Street Road.

Or what Crystal Lake High School District 155 did when it bought the Racket Club for its administrative offices on Virginia Street.


Park District Bails Out SportsPlex — 2 Comments

  1. Never would have happened in Lakewood.

    Chicago Sportsplex people and the old Lakewood crew would have shown us all how it’s done.

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