McHenry Township Selects Erik Sivertsen as GOP Chairman

Erik Sivertsen

The McHenry Township Republican Central Committee elections resulted in both factions getting a seat at the table.

Erik Sivertsen was elected Chairman.  My guess is that he was found acceptable to the Jourdan faction because of his opposition to the weighted voting.  His is Committeeman in McHenry 29.

Sivertsen operates a gun store in Johnsburg.

Sivertsen is on the McHenry Grade School Board and ran for McHenry County Board.  When the State’s Attorney tried to kick him off the ballot because he was running for the Elementary School Board at the same time, Sivertsen represented himself successfully in court.

Vice Chairman is Johnsburg’s Mike Kaminski.  He lives in McHenry’s 7th precinct.

Treasurer is former County Board member Sue Draffkorn from Wonder Lake.  A former County Board member, she ran as an Independent for Township Trustee last year.

Rounding out the team is John Macito from McHenry Township Precinct 3.


McHenry Township Selects Erik Sivertsen as GOP Chairman — 7 Comments

  1. I’m sorry sunshine blogger but this time I must disagree with you. I find it difficult to believe Mr. Sivertsen could be opposed to “weighted” voting…198 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

  2. Sivertsen will do a great job. At a pie eating contest.

    He’s another loony LIBertarian.

    Ask anybody who had to deal with him on the school board.

  3. TaxpayerX, Seriously? Your comments are ridiculous and pathetic. Grow up.

    Erik is a fine young man who gives a lot to his community. You find me another guy his age doing half as much. You find me another person trying to save the taxpayers money in District 15!!

    He was wiling to take this job no one should have wanted leading a party full of folks who are acting like little children. There couldn’t be a better man for the job. He’s going to do a great job. And you’ll continue to have nothing of any substance or worth to say about it other than calling names and acting like a child.

  4. He does not show up or call to say he will not attend school board! Is he someone you really want. No call no show. Great elected official. No call no show.

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