McHenry County Health Department Moving West for New Challenges

Mike Hill

It was October, 2014, that Michael Hill took over the reins of the McHenry County Health Department.

Now he is about to assume the helm as Director of the Health Agency in San Luis Obispo County, California, which is north of Los Angeles on the Pacific Ocean coast.

The goals and his accomplishments are listed below in his words:

1. Get something done to replace the failing Annex B clinic facility – that is happening with the building remodel project currently in design.

2. Bring technology to the department – we instituted an electronic inspection system and will be allowing people to apply for and pay for permits online any day now. We are in the process of implementing an Electronic Health Record system to better maintain health records, including providing access for people to review their own information and make appointments directly in the system.

3. Update the public health ordinance – we made substantial changes and simplifications in 2017 with more minor updates in 2018; the ordinance is many pages shorter and at least a bit easier to read.

And, as you mentioned, I was able to analyze the structure of the department and reduce the budget by over $1 million per year.

“I do hope that I’ve had a positive impact on McHenry County and will miss the people here as I move on,” Hill said.

“That’s a great lost to the County,” said Chuck Wheeler, Chairman of the Public Health Committee.

“Mr. Hill worked well with all and is well respected.

“He will be missed


McHenry County Health Department Moving West for New Challenges — 2 Comments

  1. He’ll make the relocation just in time for the “Big One” San Andreas quake!

    What was supposed to be an easy gig paying a lot more in a much better climate for Hill’s last job shall turn into a veritable HELL! And he’ll be the point man trying to restore order — something that ain’t gonna happen.

    He’ll be one of the few who wished they never left Hellinois!

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