Rauner Touts Apprenticeships

A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner:

Gov. Rauner advocates innovative apprenticeship models

Looking to partner with world-renowned German vocational school

NEUSTADT, Germany (Apr. 24, 2018) – Gov. Bruce Rauner, in a push for stronger apprenticeship programs in Illinois, met with company leaders, apprentices and students at the BBZ Neustadt am Rübenberge.

The world-renowned vocational school and professional training center located in the Hannover region has been preparing students for the workforce for 150 years.

“I firmly believe that to strengthen Illinois’ economy we need to attract and retain skilled labor,” Rauner said.

“In order to do that, we need to invest more in training and invest in our young people. Illinois has the talent and the innovative ideas that if cultivated have the potential to produce great things.”

Nearly half a million Germans enter the workforce through apprenticeship programs each year which many have noted is a major component in the country’s success in the manufacturing industry.

Rauner toured the school and learned about several of their models, including the Smart Factory Concept and strategic automotive innovation, which he hopes to incorporate into Illinois’ growing programs.

To coincide with the governor’s meeting, Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti visited one of those programs: YouthBuild McLean County, an apprenticeship effort in Normal, IL that provides 85 young people with training in construction, healthcare and information technology.

“Apprenticeship programs like YouthBuild create a supportive environment for students to succeed in Illinois and become leaders,” Sanguinetti said. “It’s a great program that gives young people hands on training while they are giving back to their communities.”

For every four people who leave the trades, due to retirement, health or other reasons, only one new person is supplied by apprenticeship programs to enter the trades.

The governor hopes by strengthening our apprenticeship programs we can reduce turnover, improve recruitment and create a pipeline of skilled employees.

Middle skill jobs make up the largest part of Illinois’ labor market.

Governor Bruce Rauner in Neustadt, Germany.

The demand is strong for middle skill jobs and they make up the largest part of Illinois’ labor market.

By 2024, 50% of all job openings are expected to be middle-skill jobs.

And community college graduates are a key component of a strong competitive workforce.

“I think there is no substitute for the real world experience and hands on application that apprenticeships provide,” said President Terry Wilkerson of Rend Lake College. “This experience reinforces the skill sets provided by the college in the classroom.”

“The relevance of apprenticeships is embodied in the contextualization of the classroom experience in the real world context of working, so what has been the theoretically becomes much more relevant,” said President Kenneth Ender of Harper College.


Rauner Touts Apprenticeships — 4 Comments

  1. RINO Rauner is elitist bullshit spewing liar and traitor to Illinois and it’s people,
    don’t fall for his propaganda tour.
    People are fleeing this state in record numbers every year, 50% of
    people poled expressed a desire to leave the tax hellhole that Illinois has become
    under DEMOCRAT control.
    Because of his treacherous actions he cannot and will not be reelected.
    Get ready because things are about to go from bad to worse when Jumbo Boy takes over
    the destruction of this once great state.

  2. The only real problem is the wrong people are leaving…HonestAbe1!

  3. Apprenticeship are proven way to build an effective, productive and profitable workforce.

    They are a win, for employers, employees and communities.

    Apprenticeships are very strongly supported by political leaders at all levels of government regardless of political ideology.

  4. Stop measuring your schools by the metrics of standardized testing that encourages that kids that go off to college to gain a degree in an unemployable field. Maybe just maybe schools can then refocus their efforts away from the collosal waste of resources the accountability folks have cooked up which has absolutely created this mess.

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