How Were Algonquin Township Road District America Express “Rewards” Redeemed? — 20 Comments

  1. ALL the taxpayers are interested!

    Where’s the investigations?

    Mr. Prim?



    Attorney General?


    The taxpayers should be contacting the law enforcement entities en masse!

  2. I don’t know the formula for American Express, but my card that would be $204.40 which could be applied to the next bill payment.

    Whoever feed you this one piece of the puzzle has access to the other pieces, so why are they holding back the obvious answer?

    Throw out some meat for the animals, but not enough to satisfy the feeding frenzy.

    The game goes on right Cal!!!!

  3. AmEx points are generally worth between half a cent and one cent each, depending how you cash them in.

    IIRC, points are worth .7 cents each on Amazon.

    You can do better if you use them for travel – sometimes you can get a little over one cent each for them.

    All those points are potentially worth two thousand or a tad more.

  4. It doesn’t matter if it was twenty dollars or twenty cents. It is the principle of this thing! How stupid of people like nob to have NO PRINCIPLES! If you are stealing just a little – it is STILL stealing.

  5. I dumped my Business Plat because I stopped traveling as much and unless your on planes every week, the $550 Annual Fee isn’t worth it.

    But big shot Township rats aren’t footing the bill, so why not splurge on Bus. Plat perks for the occasional trip to Disneyland, right Miller?

    If this nitwit cashed out the rewards for personal use, at the same time wacking Taxpayers with this high fee card, he should be pilloried.

    And yes that’s $2,044.03 cash value.

  6. $2k+ THX

    2008, why just part of the deal, where is the following paper work that says how the rewards were used?

    The PRINCIPLE of the deal is to release all the info so a valid opinion can be made.

    This blog like to leak bits and pieces for political gain, yet never give the whole story.

    This blog is no better than the NWH at game playing.

  7. This Blog gives more information than any other source that I am aware of….thank you, Cal.

    It also spurs others to provide more info.

  8. Jim? Yes, a HUGE thank you to Cal. This is truly a labor of love. No good deed goes unpunished, and Cal has certainly earned his way in good deeds.

  9. Because this County/State is rife with agency capture and laws are selectively enforced, it is up to citizens to file civil suits in order to seek law enforcement against political bad actors.

    An individual citizen would have to spend his own time and money, and incur his own risk of reprisals, in order to obtain legislative review (a not particularly objective process in Illinois) for benefit of an entire community of
    un-engaged/partisan/hostile/indifferent taxpayers.

    So it stands to reason citizens would seek opportunities to override the agency-capture-driven prosecutorial-declines in some way which might offer some compensation for the effort to obtain objective justice.

    If $2000 of unreported income per 6 month period was repeated over at least 9 years (2008-2017=$72,000 plus penalties and interest), there may be enough total ‘damages’ to create qui tam suit opportunities, including unreported income (if that were to be the case), with whistleblower awards+costs available to a citizen/attorney willing to make the effort.

  10. Susan? You are missing the point. Not everything is about money. Why are you insisting on going there? Yes,the system is crooked AND rigged. We all know that already.

  11. The point is about introducing consequences for bad actions.

    There is little incentive, and a great deal.of disincentive, for a citizen to take on the task of enforcing the law through civil action when elected law enforcement declines to act.

  12. I’m amazed how often people say things like “the system is crooked AND rigged” and don’t think we should do anything about it.
    It seems a no brainer that a corporate card for a government office that will remit the balance each month should be a no fee card with no “perks” whatsoever.

  13. What the Hell are you talking about JoeK? We are ready to storm the Bastille! Are you in or are you just gonna flap your gums?

  14. We are all aware of the criminality of the past highway administration and their friends , and family, why has our judicial department feel the need to ignore their sworn duties, and responsibilities to the tax paying families is just simply criminal in its self

  15. I filed a Freedom of Information request for how the points were used after seeing how high the 2008 credit card number was.

    This was the month that the Miller family went to New Orleans, information that was published last summer.

  16. The township does not answer questions, it provides documents under the Freedom of Information Act.

    I have asked for documents showing how the points were used.

  17. “The township does not answer questions, it provides documents under the Freedom of Information Act.

    I have asked for documents showing how the points were used.”

    LOL! If they DID answer questions – truthfully- I suspect that it would be very short answer: “Uh, you caught us!” 😉

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